Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Boppy Explained

This is Stacey and I just wanted to make you all smile today. I LOVE this picture of Matney. What a cutie!
Things in the Heald house are still going well. Since Jared can't do much for feeding she's mine at night. And the best news for the week.... Monday night I got 8 hours of sleep. Not all together of course but much improved from the usual 3-4. I got 5 on Sunday and then 8 on Monday. What a wonderful little girl! Now that Matney's jaundice has begun to decline we don't have to take her to the dr. again until next week. This means that we don't have to be up before 7am and can relax in the mornings. Unlike Jared, who can leap awake from the bed anytime after 4:30am, I am much slower to wake up. He's learned not to try talking to me until I've had a shower. Not having to be up and rushed to get out of the house has been wonderful for the past two days.
We are headed down to Warner Robins this weekend for Maggie's wedding. Jared is going to stay at mom's, about 5 minutes away from the church, with Matney and let me go to the ceremony. I'm super excited and sure it is going to beautiful. I can't believe she is getting married! We are pretty confident that Matney will do fine on the trip. She'll be sound asleep once the car is moving and as long as the Boppy goes with us she'll sleep well.
Oh, for the Boppy explanation. We've had several people ask and I'll have to get a picture of it, which is hard because she stays in it all day and night unless we are holding her. The Boppy is a bean shaped "pillow" that has a cut out for her to be propped up in. It is the purple thing at her sides that you see in the majority of her pictures. It is awesome because she can be all snuggled in and her head is still elevated. No matter when she ate last if we put her on her back she does a spit up/gag thing that scares me like crazy! If her head is elevated then she is good for hours. The cut out also allows a mom to wrap it around herself so at feeding time she doesn't have to hold the baby up as much because she can rest on the pillow. So, if you know someone who is pregnant make sure she has the Boppy, it is awesome!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Matney's Photoshoot

I could not resist just playing with the camera and trying to take the best pictures possible of our sweet little girl as she slept peacefully. These pictures are from Sunday morning when we were finally able to sleep in for a change.