Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning came really early in our house! Since Mom and I went to the movie  late Christmas Eve and didn’t get home until 1am, the guys waited up to make sure we were home safe.  Needless to say as soon as were home everyone crashed. By 5am I was in the girls’ room trying to get HK back to sleep, she was so excited.
Matney’s most requested item was the American Doll McKenna. Lucky girl – McKenna showed up with lots of extra clothes and a sleeping bag.

HK wanted a boy baby with blue footie jammies, Bucky’s pirate ship and the Pop the Pig game. Santa was good to the girls this year!

Santa enjoyed his milk and cookies!

While trying to get HK back to sleep at 5am I finally just curled up in bed with her. See my pillow and the space I got to sleep in? Remember that I have a GIANT belly? Want to guess if I got sleep or not? Matney was awake by 6:30 and I finally had to wake HK up at 7. I guess cuddled up with Mommy works wonders for going back to sleep!

Here we come!!!!
The next hour was a whirlwind of packages, squeals, trash and smiles. We had very happy girls when everything was opened!

Jared and I have changed enough baby doll clothes in the past 2 days to equal what we’ve worn this year. AGH! And if anyone is keeping up with HK’s clothing choices for the past 24 hours you’ll notice her in 6 outfits at this point. By the end of the day that number was more than 10. She exhausts us!

Yay! HK got a Ken doll. So glad she has boys to get married now!
The girls picked out gifts for each other and Jared this year. They have been so eager to exchange presents and so proud of their choices. Matney made the sweetest cards to go on the tops of them. In fact, I saved the cards, I will try to remember to take a picture and post them. HK’s had a robot and J’s had balloons with something about how much she loved her Daddy.
OK – so this will show you how much time the girls and I spend in pjs in this house. Both girls were let loose with money and got to pick out whatever they wanted for one another. Matney found these awesome Spiderman footie jammies for HK. And HK picked out a princess nightgown for Matney. PJs are better than toys any day, right? So funny and so sweet!

Nothing like going through the pictures from the camera and finding one of your big belly. Thanks, Jared! I am HUGE already. If this baby waits until her due date I am going to be down to 1 shirt and pair of pants that fit...and those clothes will be Jared's!
The girls got Jared a Wreck It Ralph. We went to see this at the movies last month. HK only made it 10 minutes and I took her home but M and Daddy stayed and loved it. When they saw Wreck It Ralph in Target they were determined that he had to have it.

Time to unwrap!
They got a wedding set from their TX aunties….and it had a bride and groom. Very exciting!
Watching the girls open gifts is so much fun. And the next most fun? Watching Jared open gifts. He’s always so excited!

Several gifts were labeled “share” like the Dream Light they’ve been begging for for months. There are benefits to kids sharing a room when you only have to buy one gift!
I think I should have gotten a hooded blanket too. They are so soft and comfy!
HK named her boy baby Grayson which is funny because that is my best friend’s son’s name. Over the past two days I’ve sent her several funny pictures of things Grayson is “up to”.
Soon all the gifts were unwrapped and the guys were in charge of opening packages/installing batteries. At one point I found Jared and Josh in the kitchen with the robot HK got from TX.
Poor MoMo. She was in the kitchen trying to cook breakfast for everyone and the guys were using her as robot shooting target practice!

Now that we had boys to get married the weddings were on before we even ate breakfast!
Yummy breakfast! It is two days after Christmas as I type this and it is time for a sugar detox in this house!
Playing a game of Pop the Pig! Don’t know why but HK has been obsessed with this game for months.
After breakfast it was time to clean up and calm things down. My family headed back home and we spent a lazy day playing with toys and yes, as usual, taking down the Christmas tree. It drives me more than crazy to have all that Christmas stuff out with new toys and not be able to clean up…so the tree comes down while Jared is home to help and the girls are distracted by new toys. In fact, now it is 24 hours later and I am looking a clean, organized living room. Ahh, deep breath after a month of craziness!
We really didn’t need more toys so I tried to be practical on many of their gifts. Both girls got new sets of sheets. They have cute ones that match their bedding but we’ve had enough stomach bugs now to learn that one set of sheets per bed is not enough. M picked out Rapunzel and HK wanted rocket ship sheets. The girls are happy and those sheets will be hidden once the beds are made!
By the end of the day even McKenna was ready for bed!
mckenna asleep

We had a wonderful Christmas again this year. Everything about the Christmas season was exciting for the girls and their excitement rubbed off on the rest of us. Thank you, thank you to everyone who helped make it special and fun for our family this year!

Christmas Eve

We started a new tradition this year – Christmas Eve breakfast in our jammies at Waffle House. LOVED IT!

waffle house 1Waffle house 2

waffle house 3

We came home and cleaned a few things, played some games and stayed lazy until my parents and brother came up in the afternoon. The boys always see a movie Christmas Eve and this year was extra special because Jared got me and my mom tickets to see Les Miserables. While it was may have been that Jared was looking for a way out of going with me we were super excited to get to go!

Before the guys left we opened our traditional Christmas jammies. This is the first year in my life that I didn’t have new jammies. I have less than 6 weeks until Evelyn is due and I didn’t want new jammies that will fit now and never again. Starbucks gift cards were a nice substitute. I think caffeine is going to be necessary in the near future!



Buying Christmas pjs for the girls was not easy. HK likes footie jammies, M likes nightgowns. Then HK decided a few weeks ago that she didn’t want to wear footies anymore and I raced to exchange what I’d already purchased. My choice was still a failure. Apparently the reindeer on the front of HK’s shirt was “itchy” and she only wore them for 5 minutes.


When she took her jammies off she wanted to “be like Daddy” so she climbed into his new shirt and then got his hat and shoes. Ha!


Eventually she realized that Daddy’s shirt was a little too big. Unless she kept her arms straight out the neck hole was big enough to slip over her entire itty bitty body and it fell off. So funny!

After the jammies were on we set out our cookies for Santa. I’d love to tell you that we spent the day making cookies but the best bakery from back home made Santa’s cookies. Rumor has it that a very pregnant lady Santa REALLY likes hard iced sugar cookies and had begged asked for them this year.


This is HK trying to make sure we knew that Santa wanted two cookies left behind for her and Matney.

Jammies – check! Cookies – check! Time for reindeer food!

This year the reindeer got oatmeal, glitter and cheerios!


We ate our cookies and the guys picked up pizza on their way home. Soon it was time for bed, SANTA and a very late night for the grown up girls at the movies!