Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sister love!

Look! Despite all their crazy fighting maybe my big girls really do like each other!!!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Father's Day

 Jared was so excited to come home for the start of his Father's Day weekend to a broken upstairs air conditioner. Anyone going to believe that? No? Good, you're smart. Actually, Jared handled it like a champ and we made some fun memories camping out downstairs all weekend. Matney declared it the "greatest night ever". I think next time we have such a fabulous night we'd prefer it to cost a whole lot less!

Tiny Rotten Thief

See that little rotten thing on her tip toes? I had to make 3+ dozen cupcakes for something Saturday and I always make the icing. HK had been outside washing the car with Daddy but kept trying to come in to "test it" when she realized what I was doing. At one point I tossed HK outside and went upstairs to put Evelyn down.  At least I thought I tossed her out. She apparently came right back inside and went straight to the icing. When I hit the bottom of the stairs I started to yell her name and then decided it was too late to stop her so I snuck a picture! Ha! She had her fingers twisted in the whisk and eating fistfuls of icing. The cupcakes made with that icing we didn't take to our party. ROTTEN CHILD!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Phone dump 987.0

Here are the latest fun pictures from my phone. After this catch up I am going to try to remember to do one a day, even if we don't have anything exciting going on.
We had fun playing with our favorite friends. HK the pirate was in heaven to be at a house of all boys!  
We've spent lots of hot summer days outside playing in water and eating popsicles with friends. Fun times!
This baby eats a lot! Sometimes it seems like we feed her all day long. Lucky for me I have good helpers. 
The train table was invaded by Monsters, Inc guys and Peter Pan/Captain Hook.  
Sweet, happy baby girl!  
Love these sisters so much!  Don't totally love my glowing shoe in the background but each pregnancy has made my feet grow longer. My short body is wearing a 9.5 now. I have boats for feet.
HK is back on a cream cheese kick. She's eaten over 16oz in 48 hours. 
We worked on Father's Day crafts. Matney was the only kid with an attention span long enough to finish. 
HK loves bath time. Sometimes I toss her in there just to keep her busy (read - to keep her grumpy self away from everyone else!)