Friday, July 26, 2013


Here are some pictures from June off of my phone. 
We did a lot of holding a sweet, sleeping baby.
We met friends at the Splash Pad.
We had temper tantrums. Some of us because we are 4 and life is hard and some of us because we are 33 years old and life feels hard. Frozen peas on knees are a lifesaver after a longer run.
Our princesses lived in castles.
Daddy (and Mommy but there isn’t photographic proof!) proved that we’re older but we’re still talented.
Ev tried to have a sleepover in the girls’ room. If you can tell by HK’s face she was not impressed by a baby in her bed.
Possible photo captions - “Because sometimes the couch is too far from a really good tv show" or “things HK tries get away with when she knows mom is upstairs with the baby”
We’ve spent lots of time outside….and even more time in our jammies.
I normally head out and around the neighborhood at 5:15. Snakes are always horrible but are especially awful  that early in the morning!

We spent a lot of time on the swing set. And yes, my child is sticking her tongue out at me!
Evelyn spent a LOT of time hanging out with us and her blankie is never far away. Thankful we've got a few extras so if this one gets lost we will survive. She won’t sleep without it.
Teaching Ev how to jump in the jumparoo! When did she get big enough for this?!?!?
Best toys in the house are all our little plastic “guys” and they can to play any where! Didn't you know Captain Hook loves to take over train tables?!?!?

Poor Evelyn! I often wonder what she thinks of this chaos.
The girls went to a camp put on by the county called Safety Town. They learned all sorts of things from the police, firemen, etc about being safe. They loved it!
Sweet baby has gotten to the “I have to try to lick everything around me stage” and she got her first cold. I was sad she was sick but very thankful for extra cuddles and very, very thankful for that snot sucker!

Like the new header and hair?

We had an unplanned photo shoot yesterday and these are some seriously cute girls! Do you notice anything about Ev’s hair? All that brown hair she had as a baby has fallen out and strawberry blond fuzz is quickly growing in. Jared is outnumbered in every way in this house but he’ll always know which girls are his!



Look at that baby!

I put a big mirror on the floor in front of Ev and she was fascinated with that cute baby looking back at her!


2 weeks

School starts two weeks from yesterday. There will be a "our baby is  going to kindergarten and we are freaking out" post at another time but right now we are getting our school supplies ready (gracious they have to have a lot of stuff for big kid school!). When school got out in May I was terrified of summer vacation. A tiny baby and two wild girls seemed like a recipe for disaster and we certainly had some really rough days. But, after a few weeks, we settled into a routine at home and have a great time together.
I finally got all 600 pictures off of my phone this morning AND... BIG AND....will start getting them on the blog one random post at a time. Our next two weeks have a full schedule and after two months of being relaxed I am almost giddy to get my calendar out and get busy again. I adore/love/am so thankful to be able to stay home with the girls and we have had a lot of fun together. Because of Evelyn we have spent lots of time at home and it has given me a chance to get to know my big girls even more. I often find myself sitting outside of whatever room they're playing in just so I can listen without them knowing that I am there. They are so funny and creative.  
All that said it is lonely in this house all the time and easy to forget that this is just a phase. I am naturally a homebody and the more time I spend at home the harder it becomes to make myself get out with friends. We all do much better with a schedule and routine. Summer has been fabulous but I am exited to get my Sharpies and calendar back out and going!

Search Party

I about had to have a search party come in to find the girls last week. Evelyn had a great time playing in all the stuffed guys that live in the zoo.




Then, while all the stuffed guys were out of the zoo I had a hard time finding Halle Kate. Do you spy her? Look to the back of the picture. I came upstairs to find her right where she belongs - IN THE ZOO. Too bad she could get in and out by herself. I would have left her there until Jared got home!



The girls were super excited to open the door to a box from the TX aunties with more stuffed guys. They ran upstairs so that the new guys could meet the old guys. I found them all playing school on the stairs that afternoon.



Look at this big girl sitting up! She isn't really steady yet so I have to sit behind her but we are so proud. And I see a little more freedom in my future. Yay for being able to just plop her anywhere I need to!!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day In Review

I have no good excuses for not blogging except that summer started and life is FLYING by! I was dreading summer but we have actually had a great time and it is almost over. School starts back in 4 weeks and I am still behind on things from May (like HK's bday thank yous. Clearly not going to happen this year. I've never not sent thank yous. The cards were by my bed for a while and then Matney got into them and hid sweet notes under our pillows. Anyway, if you're reading this and sent her a gift and didn't get a thank you I apologize. It is totally my fault.) Ok, guilt trip over and weekly recap coming up.
OK - no weekly recap because the one time in forever I try to sit down and blog it won't let me upload more than one picture at a time. So, more pictures to come but here are the girls being goofy. I asked them to smile and this is what I got. Do I even need to say that Evelyn thinks her big sisters are hysterical? Those big girls walk into the room and she starts smiling, squealing, kicking and flapping. Jared and I maybe get a grin. Watching them love each other is so very cute but I am going to be in big trouble in a few weeks when the big girls are at school and I have to entertain her by myself!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sister love!

Look! Despite all their crazy fighting maybe my big girls really do like each other!!!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Father's Day

 Jared was so excited to come home for the start of his Father's Day weekend to a broken upstairs air conditioner. Anyone going to believe that? No? Good, you're smart. Actually, Jared handled it like a champ and we made some fun memories camping out downstairs all weekend. Matney declared it the "greatest night ever". I think next time we have such a fabulous night we'd prefer it to cost a whole lot less!

Tiny Rotten Thief

See that little rotten thing on her tip toes? I had to make 3+ dozen cupcakes for something Saturday and I always make the icing. HK had been outside washing the car with Daddy but kept trying to come in to "test it" when she realized what I was doing. At one point I tossed HK outside and went upstairs to put Evelyn down.  At least I thought I tossed her out. She apparently came right back inside and went straight to the icing. When I hit the bottom of the stairs I started to yell her name and then decided it was too late to stop her so I snuck a picture! Ha! She had her fingers twisted in the whisk and eating fistfuls of icing. The cupcakes made with that icing we didn't take to our party. ROTTEN CHILD!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Phone dump 987.0

Here are the latest fun pictures from my phone. After this catch up I am going to try to remember to do one a day, even if we don't have anything exciting going on.
We had fun playing with our favorite friends. HK the pirate was in heaven to be at a house of all boys!  
We've spent lots of hot summer days outside playing in water and eating popsicles with friends. Fun times!
This baby eats a lot! Sometimes it seems like we feed her all day long. Lucky for me I have good helpers. 
The train table was invaded by Monsters, Inc guys and Peter Pan/Captain Hook.  
Sweet, happy baby girl!  
Love these sisters so much!  Don't totally love my glowing shoe in the background but each pregnancy has made my feet grow longer. My short body is wearing a 9.5 now. I have boats for feet.
HK is back on a cream cheese kick. She's eaten over 16oz in 48 hours. 
We worked on Father's Day crafts. Matney was the only kid with an attention span long enough to finish. 
HK loves bath time. Sometimes I toss her in there just to keep her busy (read - to keep her grumpy self away from everyone else!)