Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Free Rides

Matney becomes attached to a different animal every day and sometimes she thinks they all need to travel with her. This day lots of animals were getting a free ride!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Running and SNOT!

Whaa hooo!!! It took 30 minutes and I have a pile of HK drool on my back from her climbing all over me but I think I just figured out how to make blogging much easier. I hate computers but love when I am able to figure them out without having call my husband or my dad (ok, that's never really happened before but I think I did it this time!). Anyway, we'll see if it helps. Now, onto the post...

I drove by a sign last week for a 5K in the area and asked Jared about running it with me. I haven't run a race since 1990-something and have only run about 5 times since I got pregnant with Matney in 2007. I don't know what made me want to go run now when I totally haven't trained for anything...but I did. Jared looked at me like I was nuts! I dropped it until Saturday afternoon when I called one of my best friends and she agreed to run with me Sunday morning. Thanks, Kim! Considering she's run marathons, it was raining and super early I think I owe her a good dinner sometime. She hung back at my slow pace and we did 3.1 miles in 31 minutes. Not too shabby for no preparation, right? It felt GREAT to push myself and accomplish something just for me! When's our next race, Kim? I can't believe we didn't take a picture together. Such a blog slacker! Jared snapped this one when I got home.

I walked back into lots of snot on Sunday morning. Sickness has invaded the Heald house again. Every has a cold and poor HK is MISERABLE. I ended up taking her to the dr on Sunday afternoon and got an antibiotic for what we think is a sinus infection. So far it isn't helping! She woke up Sunday before 7:30am, wouldn't let me lay her down to take a nap, went to bed at 8pm and was back up by 9:30pm and didn't go back to bed until after 3am. What does that mean? I got up after less than 6 hours of sleep on Sunday, ran a 5K and then stayed up with HK until early Monday. I've spent the day with two grumpy girls and I am beyond exhausted and ready for bed. Goodnight!

Friday, September 24, 2010

I can do it MYSELF!

Matney has recently entered the land of "I can do it myself!". She says it for everything. Don't help her, don't touch her, don't mess with her...and don't help her get dressed. She can do it herself.
This particular day I was loading the car and heard Matney say that she was ready to do to school. This is what she came outside wearing. Every preschooler needs an upside down tiara and a wand. Needless to say we were late to school because I had to go back inside for the camera and take some pictures. She didn't want to pose in the yard. She wanted to make sure I took her picture next her preschool magnet on the back of our car. No problem, Matney, great thinking. This kid sure makes me laugh!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pictures coming

I finally set down to update the blog and the pictures won't load. Frustrating. Unfortunately, at the last minute Jared's family wasn't able to come in from TX. We'd been working hard to get the playroom ready for company so we decided to just keep working and finish. Once the furniture was assembled Jared's part was mostly done and it was all up to me to get it together. I've worked SO HARD and am exhausted. Last night was the first night in a week I was asleep before midnight and, if you know me, I always go to bed as soon as the sun sets. Thankfully, almost everything is complete and it is looking super cute.

Jared's been in Chicago this week and just got in late last night. His birthday is today and he'd already planned to take the day off since family would be coming to town so we got to hang out together. At our pancake breakfast this morning I started to sing Happy Birthday and didn't get two words out of my mouth before Matney started singing. I quit and she sang every single word perfectly, even the "happy birthday dear Daddy" part. I had no idea she knew that song. Jared cried. So sweet. Tonight at school was "Date with Daddy" night and Matney was so excited to go. They had snacks and made crafts together. I'll post pictures as soon as it is working again.

So, we're still rocking and rolling, just with bags under our eyes. I have tons of pictures from the past several weeks and will try to upload them again soon.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Technical issues, indecisiveness and Tinkerbell

So, we've had some technical issues with the blog recently. Number one being my husband changing the password to his email (the one we use to login to Blogger) without telling me. I thought I was going nuts for a few days typing so carefully and it still saying my password was wrong. It never occurred to me that he would change it and it never occurred to him that I use his email info for anything. Lesson learned. I just wish I could tell you the new password. It something crazy weird and a hacker could plug in birthdates, anniversaries, etc for a year and never come up with this one. You'd laugh. That's my Jared.
Then our internet went out again and it took me, Comcast and someone from Netgear who's first language was definitely not English and certainly not my "southern English" over an hour to fix. I needed wine or brownies 15 minutes into the conversation. ugh.
Anyway, we're all good here. Some of Jared's extended family is coming in town next week and, you know me, always need to complete a big house project before we have out of town guests! It is just more fun that way. Let's just say that we've had contractors, painters and furniture delivery people in the house over the past few weeks and I cannot wait to show you what I've been working on. However, it isn't even close finished yet so you'll just have to wait. With less than a week I seriously must learn to drink coffee. And poor Jared, last night I piled us all in the car and we headed to Home Depot for one thing, I changed my mind on how we'll do it while we were there, we bought the stuff we needed, I came home and didn't feel "just right" about it so I got online and figured out a totally new thing to do (plus three others!) and we need to go back to the store. I'm smiling, he's not! HA!
Pictures of the girls to follow soon, I promise. They are both super cute as always. Matney is loving preschool and asks to go every morning. We also both got some courage and tried the carpool. I LOVE IT! Matney is very impressed with herself "walking in with the big kids" and it saves me a ton of time not having to get two kids out of the car, to her class, back to the car, etc. We tried it so that when outside is freezing or raining she'd be used to it and she loves it. Yippe for 15 minutes more one child time! This is a total house of girls and Matney is also more than eagerly awaiting the release of the new Tinkerbell movie next Tuesday the 21st. Both girls are in LOVE with Tinkerbell. HK can spot that little green fairy from across a room. I think it is her love of wings. Anyway, there is a new movie coming out and we have to watch the 8 minute long youtube preview clip every.single.day. Cuteness! I love them! Maybe we'll make Jared's birthday party next week Tinkerbell themed...wonder what he'd think of that?!?!?!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


We were in the car the other day heading one direction and at the last minute we bailed on where we were going and went to Dunkin Donuts. The girls had never tried a doughnut so we got them one with sprinkles and headed home. Here they are trying their new treat. It actually wasn't too much of a hit. Halle Kate didn't like it at all and Matney tried a few bites and then just licked the icing off. Good job girls, much better to not like doughnuts than to stuff your face with them like Daddy and I did!

Monday, September 6, 2010

My view

Halle Kate has entered the "I only want my Mommy and I want her to hold me ALL THE TIME" phase. On a good day this is what I see all day. On a bad day I see this plus her tears and tonsils while she screams at me! What a cutie...with an incredible set of lungs!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Enjoy yourself, Halle Kate

I'll be totally honest and just let you know that this house is WILD during the hour before we leave for preschool. Most of the time I get up, work out, am dressed for the day and have all our stuff in the car before the girls are awake. This particular morning that didn't happen and I'd thrown a waffle on Matney's little table, turned on the TV and gone to pack her lunch. I don't know which one of them moved it to the couch but Halle Kate was more than happy (and quiet, I'm sure so she wouldn't be noticed) to sit on the couch and watch Barney. Ha!
What Elmo was to Matney Barney the purple dinosaur is to Halle Kate. HK LOVES Barney. It is fun for us to watch the girls' personalities develop. HK had almost no exposure to Barney and grew up with more Elmo than a house should have, yet she loves Barney best. Of course, when I type it out and think about it she might just already be Elmo'd out like the rest of us!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fairy Med School

Not only did Matney enroll in preschool this fall, she's also in Fairy Med School. Jared and I needed to make sure Halle Kate (wearing her wings as usual) and Abby Cadabby would always be taken care of. Since Matney fit perfectly in the white coat off to school she went. Look at here, what a quick learner! Here she is giving Abby a quick check up!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Accessory, PLEASE!

"Dear Mom, I am a girl who has been awake for more than five minutes. I need an accessory, please!"

"Thanks, Mom. I don't know who I am without something large, pink and obnoxious on my head."