Wednesday, August 27, 2008

5 Minutes in the Life of Matney

I snapped these pics of Miss M. during a 5 minute span while she rolled around upstairs. Isn't she the cutest??? Notice that she is already trying to climb the walls. Enjoy!

Look at our NEW new addition!

Nope, not the Pebble's ponytail. If you look close, since Matney was in such a good mood and big smiles in her cute bug outfit, you will see TWO teeth in that smile. (double click on the picture to make it larger) The one on the left came in last week and the right one starting poking through the skin on Monday. And can I just say that I LOVE teething! They really haven't seemed to bother her much. She is a little more clingy and tired but she's taking better naps! YEA for teeth.
Although, the sure make my little baby girl not look like such a little baby anymore. I may cry!

Where is Matney???

Our normal routine in the mornings is to come downstairs and Matney plays on her mt while I make a bottle, go to the bathroom or something similar. Yesterday I went to the bathroom (which is downstairs and next to the family room if you've never been here) and when I came back Matney wasn't on her mat. I found her a couple feet away playing with a box and the chair. Notice that she turns to look at me and then ignores me again. Little stinker. Time to baby proof this house!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And the award to goes to....

...the BEST LOOKING COUPLE EVER!!! Since life has become all about Matney I wanted to make sure Jared and I get some attention!

And, ok, so maybe we're not the best looking couple in the universe. Can you tell Jared worked like a dog all weekend and still came the reunion for me? We were tired but we're still cute!

Saturday Night Festivities!

We really did have a great time on Saturday night. It was fun to see old friends and really great to all be together again. We will have to get together as a group before our 20 year reunion!

If we just had a penny for each self portrait shot like this we (Meredith, myself and Kaci) have from high school the three of us would be RICH!

Rachel, Kristen and I were in school together since kindergarden.

Drew, Kaci, Whit, Meredith and I have spent MANY days and nights together getting into all sorts of trouble back in the day..."would you like a brownie, Whit?"

Whit and I grew up together in the neighborhood and at church. He is still one of my best friends...and has gotten Matney some of the CUTEST clothes!


One of the best things about our 10 year reunion is that one of my best friends from high school had an excuse to come back to GA! Kaci's parents moved away when we graduated and she went to Ohio to go to college and then Indiana for grad school before heading to FL where she is now. No one else in the close group of our friends went that far away without parents in town to come home to so Kaci is the one I never really have gotten to see. She is also one of those friends who I could not talk to for a year and pick up just where we left off. So, even though we've only seen each other a handful of times since leaving Houston County, we had the greatest time being back together again. Jared would probably say it was a little like an I Love Lucy weekend with Lucy and Ethel into everything but we had a blast!
And I am trying my hardest to get her to move up to Atlanta so anyone else who wants to join me PLEASE email/call and bug her!

Not only does she love me but she loved my daughter. Does it get any better??? What a special friend!

If I knew how to scan a picture I would find some old ones a put them side by side of the two of us. It may be wishful thinking but we really haven't changed that much!

Just like old times!

I can't believe we were all back together! Sat. afternoon we all met at our old drama teacher's house. None of us had talked to her in years and she doesn't teach at the school anymore so I found the number to her husband's office and left my name and number to see if she'd call us back...and she did...and more suprising, was excited to hear from all of us! The group of us, Andy, myself, Whit, Kaci and Meredith had a blast catching up with her and reconnecting. Mantey enjoyed all the attention!

Friday night and the gang is coming back together again!

The next couple posts will be boring for those of you who only read for Matney updates. My (Stacey) 10 year high school reunion was this weekend and, after going back and forth about it, we drove down to attend. We actually had a great time (thanks to Rachel)and I am so glad we went! Many of the people I went to high school with I'd been in school with since kindergarden and it was great to be together again.

Most of the gang back together again at dinner. The guys in the back row are Whit, Alex, Andy, Ryan and Drew. Victor, me, Shelia and Kaci are in the front. Rachel jumped in the second picture and had us all laughing as usual!

Even though most of them stayed out much later than Kaci and myself we had a great time while we were there!

One of our new favorite toys!

Several of the playgroup kids have a smaller version of this ball and love it so I have been on the lookout for one for a while. We give it to Matney to play with on the way to Warner Robins last weekend and it (and playing with Kaci but that is another post) wore her out!

Mantey playing in her carseat with her ball.

Matney's feet stuck in the ball.

One tired baby!

One super tired baby. When Matney spits her paci out and is still able to stay asleep we know she's down for the count!

She plays so well with others!

If you've noticed in the recent playgroup pictures Matney has not been screaming like she did in the beginning. Every day she becomes a happier baby girl. Until last week. The playgroup kiddos were over her and one them had a dog Matney wanted. Watch the progression...

Such cute munchkins all hanging out.

Matney rolled over and saw the doggy.

Matney wants the doggy!

Michael isn't so sure about what is going on and Charlie isn't sharing his doggy with a girl!

So, Matney throws a fit!

Another fun night with the Harveys!

We are so thankful for friends that live nearby and had another fun night with the Harveys! A couple weekends ago they came over to hang out and help us move furniture. The guys ended up taking the girls for a walk (aren't they so cute!) and Allison and I threw a party when they left! Just kidding. We made dinner and baby food green beans.

Monday, August 18, 2008


I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Matney has had some "poo" issues this weekend and I thought it was a change in formula or food. I talked to the dr. today and then headed off to play group. Somehow, teeth came up and even though I'd checked her mouth 2 days ago I looked again and, sure enough, WE HAVE A TOOTH! So cute...but it almost made me cry right there in front of everyone. What a big girl! Poop issues solved and I am about to feed the baby girl her normal food (in her mouth with her big girl teeth!) right now. Just wanted to share!

And I can't get a pic inside her mouth where you can see it so this is Matney chewing on a toy right now.

Friday, August 15, 2008

5 month update

I am a couple weeks late with our 5 month update but they days go so quickly! It seems like at the 5 month mark Matney became a different kid. She is certainly not a baby baby anymore and is more and more fun everyday.

She is still sleeping in her hammock, the Amby Bed, and I am SO THANKFUL for it! Every night for the past 2 weeks has been better than the night before. Last night Matney was asleep at 8:45 and didn't make a peep until 5:30 this morning. I went in her room and put the paci in her mouth and she went back to sleep until 6:45. I fed her and she went back to sleep from 7-8:30. I couldn't believe it! She takes three 20-30 minute naps each day in her hammock also. I wish she napped longer but I'm not complaining because that is so much better than she has ever done.

She loves solid food. Pears, sweet potatoes and bananas are her favorite and she HATES rice cereal and oatmeal. She also loves to drink water, either from a straw (I get water in the end of the straw and then put it in her mouth) and from her sippy cup.

Matney is LOUD! She says "AH" or fake coughs when she wants you to pay attention to her. That happens anytime the attention is off her for more than 1 minute. She has the best giggle that we finally got on video so I'm excited!

She loves to play the "touch game". We walk around the house and she reaches out to touch all sorts of fun things like blinds, pictures, chairs, the fridge, etc. Her coordination has really gotten good and she can grab what she's after on the first try or two.

Jared's personal favorite thing Matney has learned is to reach out and lean towards whoever she wants. When Jared gets home from work at night she used to just get really excited and wiggle and smile. Now she lunges at Jared as soon as he's close to her. I might get my feelings hurt if it wasn't so cute and I LOVE that she is starting to like/trust/go to other people. YEA for free time for Mommy!

Matney has moved onto size 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers. We take her back to the Dr. on Sept. 5th for her 6th month appointment. I can't wait to see how much she's grown!
Such a pretty girl!

She was trying to grab the camera.
Mid giggle! See the dimple?