Sunday, January 29, 2012


Ever since Matney got her hair cut last week we have had lots of days playing beauty parlor in this house. Tonight it was HK's turn to give Matney a fun hair-do!

After Matney's hair was done she got an emery board and said she was fixing Daddy's hair. Anyone ever seen hair done with an emery board? I don't know why she decided to play hair dresser with an emery board. Strange girl!


We got a call today that Spiderman (well, she was really a Spidergirl) was hanging out at a new store that just opened a few miles from the house. We didn't tell HK what we were doing until we got there...she was SOOOO excited. Matney was only interested in the lollipop!

Halle Kate so proud to have her picture taken with Spidey!

Destruction and Panic

Matney is in school on Fridays and HK stays home with me. When we were supposed to be at Costco last week we were home. HK was about naked and I was tearing the family room apart. Seriously, I had every piece of furniture moved, junk was everywhere.

Do you wonder why?

Well, HK was playing with my wedding ring while I changed her diaper (she HATES having a poopy diaper changed screams the whole time). When we finished and she stood up my ring was gone. She, of course, didn't care and ran off to play but I couldn't figure out where my ring had gone. I knew she had not moved while she had it so it should have been on the floor nearby.

But no. Not on the floor, under the couch or under the chair, not under the baskets of blankets or tangled in hundreded of toys. Not even in HK's poopy diaper that I dug out of the trash and checked (yes, it was as nasty as you think) and still no ring.
Finally, after HK got her jammies back on, she started shaking her foot around and moving like a wild thing. I eventually figured out that my ring was in the bottom of the foot of her jammies and bothering her when she stepped on it.. AGH!!!!! At least  the couch did get put back in place and my ring is back on my finger (after I washed my hands many times after that diaper!) where it belongs!

Ta daaaaaaa!!!!

I am in love with my handy husband and I am in love with this new space in our house. I've always talked about wanting a house with a mud room for storage but knew this house didn't have that kind of room. However, Jared was smart and made it work! Here is the space before, it is just off the garage entry door going into the dining room. Yes, the dining room is currently home to lots of kid toys.

Here's we go!

I hope this works! The baseboards are off so there's no going back now!

Bench installed. We designed it with smaller cubbies on top for shoes and larger spaces on the bottom for some specific boxes at IKEA. My hope is to toss things of the girls in their boxes and then them take the box upstairs to put their things away. I am probably kidding myself but maybe one day they'll do it!

I wanted to stain the top of the bench so J added the right kind of wood on top to make it happen!

Partially painted bench, painted wall and new baseboards. Starting to look promising!

More shelf space. Jared needs to go through the house and count how many shelves I've had him build in the last year. There are a lot!

Adding corbels - everything looks better when it is pretty!

And adding hooks.

Finishing caulk and getting ready to paint it again.

Finally! A place for coats and bag. I was just playing with things but am planning on keeping mail, etc on the top shelf and I've got to find just the right things to make it pretty on top.

Look at those shoes NOT in a pile on the floor.

A view coming down the stairs. I still have to sand and paint the outside/hall side again but I wasn't about to not start hanging things.

And Ta Da!!!! Almost finished. There are white boxes in the bottom but the ones we planning on using when we designed the size are now discontinued. So frustrating! I don't want white so I'm on the hunt for the right spray paint. And you can be sure there will be some kind of pretty laminated name tags somewhere on there. And a cute pillow for the bench....time to go to HomeGoods!
I am so thankful for a husband who will work hard to know what I want and will spend his time away from work building in the garage. I think we did a great job and I am in LOVE with my new space!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Teddy Bear Parade

Halle Kate's class had a teddy bear parade today and, after trying very hard to convince me that Robot was a teddy bear, decided to take the bear she got for Christmas. It was a red letter day. She was so distracted by the bear that I got a bow in her hair! Normally she screams "NO! I just want my ears!" as she frantically shoves her hair behind her ears.

Max wanted in the picture. So did Matney, she wanted to hold hands with HK.
HK didn't want to hold hands...or be touched.

She yelled at Matney to go away and was more than happy to continue her bear photo shoot alone.

And yes, there is a 3/4 dead plant in the background. I brought it home from my Grandmama's funeral and desperately want it to survive but it isn't looking good!

Last Dance

We had our last dance class this week. We are going to take a break for a few months and figure out what to do with our time during the summer. The girls have LOVED every minute of ballet and their teacher, Ms. Amy, has been wonderful. Ms. Amy blew bubbles and the girls had a blast chasing them around the room. It was a fun day and we'll miss our Monday mornings dancing!

Slow moving mornings

Jared wakes up like Tigger in the morning and bounces out of the bed. The girls, me and Max? We have a little more trouble in the morning. We really like to hang out and snuggle and wake up slowly!

Matney and Dog are warm!

See that bottle to the left? Halle Kate found it in the doll play box and has LOVED drinking out of it again. I think she'd drink a bottle with Mommy holding her until college!

Ha! Such a typical HK face.

Even max has rough mornings. It is a good thing Jared is only here on weekends. He is never very impressed by our ability to stay in jammies all morning!

Before, During and After

Side of the fridge BEFORE...ugly since day 1
Side of the fridge DURING - Looking better. I LOVE LOVE LOVE having a handy husband who doesn't complain doesn't hate me for completes a Honey-Do-List

Side of the fridge AFTER  - I LOVE IT! The girls have space on the bottom and I have space on the top. Our calendar and menu planning stuff, mail inbox, etc is all up and much prettier than before. I hate cooking and planning meals but it is easier when things are pretty!


The other thing I added this week is a magnet on the inside of the cabinet next to the stove. My recipes for the week are normally in a plastic sleeve on the fridge so all I have to do it stick them on the outside of the door and they hang just where I need them while cooking. Then I stick it back on the fridge and there is nothing ever shows on the outside of the cabinet. Wish I'd thought of this sooner!