Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sister Play Time

So sweet, right? This is what I am pretty sure Matney would type if she knew how to spell!

Hi, Girls! Everyone having a good time?

Um, Halle Kate...get your hand OFF my puppy dog.

I'm still watching you, Halle.

Maybe I should find another toy to give to Halle Kate so that she won't take mine.

Here, have a frog.

Shew, all this sharing is really making me tired!

Take our picture Mom. We are so cute!

I love my sister!

Junk Food Detox

Let's just be honest. When there were people in and out of this house for several weeks and everyone was bringing yummy Christmas goodies healthy eating hasn't been an every day occurrence. We've entered junk food detox and I'm trying to make M realize that the Christmas cookies are gone, pizza is no longer "pizza", it is a whole wheat english muffin with tomato sauce and cheese. There is no more cake, no more mac and cheese and no more white bread. She is not a happy girl. These were taken just before Christmas during happier meal times!

Look at this cuteness! They love to eat together.

The past month from Thanksgiving to Christmas has been lots of fun but we are still trying to get our world back in order. We got to the end of the day Christmas night...the girls were going strong but Jared and I were WIPED OUT. There are new toys and things all over the house, we're going to keep the couch where we moved it to fit the Christmas tree so there are all sorts of things on the walls to be rearranged, our bedroom still needs some work, the laundry didn't stop just because it was Christmas (who knew?!?!) and I'm in a "its a new year and we're going to be more organized, gosh darn it!" kind of mood. Junk food detox is just the beginning of all the work to be done around here. There are lots of fun times ahead!

Don't walk away

This is the mess that happens if you walk away from a baby while feeding her...and you're dumb enough to leave the food and spoon where she can grab it!

And imagine my surprise when several people called and asked me if I had checked the blog recently. Um, I don't check the blog because I write the blog, unless my sweet husband hijacks it! Thanks, Jared. I love you too!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Loving Wife

So, I don't take over the blogging duties much b/c of time constraints, but I just wanted to let everyone who reads our blog to know how much I love Stacey. She is such a great mother and wife. She works extremely hard for our family and to try and keep our extended family informed of everything going on. It amazes me that she was up late on Christmas night updating this thing to let you know how much the girls loved the day and their gifts. I am amazed. I couldn't be the husband, father, or man that I am without her. I am blessed.


It is about 3am and I have been up for a while with a HORRIBLE toothache. Not a good start to my day. Anyway, since I lack the motivation to do anything productive in the dark I was trying to change the blog background. Anyone know how to make the "center column" a different color? The blog template I picked shows it green but every time I change the background to another HTML code it is keeping the color this tan/peach color...yuck. Anyone else familiar enough with Blogger to help?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thank you...and a big girl room

Check it out! Look at my "big girl room"! We moved into this house pregnant with Matney and then came Halle Kate...and then came lots of diapers and baby food and baby toys and baby clothes and...we'd never done anything with our bedroom and it was driving me crazy! For Christmas Jared helped me paint our room and we got new bedding. I might have even bugged my mom enough that she let me open a package early so that I could get everything ironed and ready to go before Christmas. Here it is!

Clearly we aren't sure how to arrange those pillows yet.

An ipod - how cool is that? I don't have a clue how to turn it on, much less get music on it or work the camera. Technology and I aren't always friends. Can an old dog learn new tricks? We'll see! And we got a great new double jogging stroller that has speakers, you just plug the ipod into it and voila! music. Well, I hope its that easy! I promise you'll see us out jogging the first day it is warm enough.

My brother's preferred type of tape for wrapping.

We've been celebrating Christmas for about 48 hours and it has been wonderful! Christmas Eve and we broke from tradition and some of the adults opened presents when the girls went to bed. Normally Christmas Eve we just open one gift, our matching Christmas PJs (oh, how the boys love that, ha! And oh how I can't wait to match my daughters. I may even wear a big bow too!). But, to make Christmas day be a little easier, cleaner and more focused on the girls we decided just to go ahead and exchange some of our gifts early. Then we had more gift time on Friday and Christmas again with J's family today. Shew! We have certainly killed some trees with all this wrapping paper!

It has been a fun time with laughs and a few sweet tears because of each others thoughtfulness. As I've been putting pictures up on the blog I've been thinking about the last two days. Once again this year Jared and I were spoiled silly, our girls were too but that is another post. Watching the girls be excited and open presents was so much fun. Was there really anything Jared or I really needed? No. Are gifts what Christmas is really about? No. Have our families gone above and beyond and treated Jared and I to some wonderful new things? Yes ...and it was so nice. Not the actuall stuff (though I am in love with some of new things) but the time to kind of like a kid again.

It has been a wonderful, incredible year with Matney growing up and Halle Kate joining the family and everyone being healthy. But, it has also been a challenging year. Jared has had a tough year at the office. They've had layoffs and paycuts all while we were growing our family. I know that he's certainly felt pressure to provide for us and good grief, he worked an enormous of really long hours. And while I am so so so thankful for how hard he works so that I am able to stay home with the girls there have been some really long days! It has certainly been an adjustment to go from no kids to two babies in such a short amount of time. Christmas this year has kind of been a break from the responsibility of being adults and parents. I was super excited waiting for Christmas because I knew Matney would have a blast. And, just being honest, it was super fun to be spoiled a little and have some fun things that we'd never buy for ourselves.

So, thank you to everyone who has made this Christmas so much fun for us and for our girls. They have had a great time (more pictures coming soon, especially cool stuff from my new digital scrapbook software!). I know I speak for Jared when I say THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of you who have been loving on us too. We know that Christmas really isn't about "stuff" but thanks for spoiling us old folks this season! I'm just counting the minutes until I can go snuggle under the new covers in my pretty room while Jared reads his new book about tiling our bathroom with his new tools. Ah, doesn't that sound wonderful?!?!

She thinks she's big stuff

This has nothing to do with Christmas but Matney loves to find our shoes and wear them around the house. They aren't easy for her but she manages. While my brother was here she found his shoes, carried them one by one into the room and tried to get around in them. Bless her, Jared and I aren't very tall and our shoes aren't that big. Josh is about 6'4" (I know, I know, I got the shrimpy genes!) and his shoes are about bigger than she could manage! She never could take one step so she finally crouched down and just looked at us. Ha! So funny!


We have had lots of elves around this house recently. Our Elf on a Shelf hung out for a month until he had to travel back to the North Pole Christmas Eve. We've had a big Daddy elf going to work every morning to pay for Christmas. And here are pictures of the elves that have been working in the house. These two were working to put toys together Christmas Eve.

HK is so funny. She normally only likes me, sometimes likes Jared and totally loved my brother, Josh. Matney was the same way with him. How funny is that? I would bet a lot of money that as a 20-something year old guy he's never around babies yet my kids love him! Here they are trying to look alike in hats!

Moving Pictures

I'm going to be throwing some pictures up from the past 48 hours. I don't have time to get them in any particular order so enjoy the craziness. It will make you feel like you've been here!

We tried to a family picture this morning because we forgot to take one yesterday(it is the day after Christmas and J's family is over here). Once again, getting four people to look at the camera at the same time will never happen, I've accepted it. For now, enjoy our moving, blurry pictures! And enjoy seeing M's kitty socks, she won't let us take them off!

We hope your family had as wonderful of a Christmas as ours did!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Giant Puppy

Matney is in love with a puppy dog bigger than she is! When a big box arrived from TX several weeks ago I wondered what was in it. This morning we opened it to find a huge puppy dog. For Matney it was love at first sight. She's had a hard time because he's so big but she's managed to drag it around the house for most of the day. She'd play with other toys but she still wanted this puppy next to her, especially to use as a pillow when she got tired. Before we put her to bed tonight Jared and I worked hard to distract her so that she wouldn't try to fit him in the bed.

I am pretty sure that Matney never plans on sharing this puppy with her sister. I can't wait to see what animal Halle Kate falls in love with because I'm going to laugh when it is an octopus or something and her TX aunts are trying to track down another 4' tall critter next year!

Halle Cakes is coming down

Halle Kate finally woke up and headed down for the Christmas fun. Don't you love the hat? She had matching jammies but we had an unfortunate pee pee incident and we had to change her. The reindeer ones you see here were super cute too...but then we had a most unfortunate poop explosion and she ended up in non-Christmas clothes for the rest of the day!

She tends to wake up slowly, just like her mama, and was a little confused by all that was going on.

Sitting at the table like a big girl.