Thursday, July 28, 2011

phone pictures

I take pictures on my phone every day of the girls but I don't often download them to the computer. These are a few cute ones from the past few weeks.

MoMo was in town for a few days before she headed back to school. We got up one morning and had breakfast at Waffle House and then headed to find bookbags for preschool. This was a super day for the girls! Any day that starts at Waffle House has to be good, right? Matney eats Waffles and HK eats eggs, waffles and bacon.
HK is also sporting one of her favorite shirts - Spiderman. She also loves Tow Mater (from Cars) and Thomas the Train. We cycle through those 3 tee shirts every 3 days. There is a LOT of screaming involved when we make her wear anything else. See how proud she is of Mater?

This is Matney's response to Halle Kate's wild craziness. Sometimes it is my response too! Matney had her whole doll house set up and HK the tiny tornado came in and messed it all up.

We've also spent many weekends trying to avoid the heat. I joke with Jared that he is "Disney World Dad".  During the week we're running errands, cleaning house and taking naps. On the weekends though, when Jared's home, we go to the mall and ride the carousel (only on the bench still, "no horse"), eat ice cream, drive the car game in an arcade, get lollipops at the candy store....basically these girls have Dad wrapped around their finger and he is "the fun one". Not that anyone was questioning that!

Here's HK loving The Cat in the Hat in a ride at a mall.
I can't say that I'm sad preschool is starting in a month but we have had a really good summer. It has been hot and some of the day have felt extremely long but the weeks and months are flying by quickly!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Job Change

Today is Jared's second day at his new job! The man of this house has worked so so so many hours and so many days and nights since he graduated from law school four years ago. Last week he left the firm he started with and moved (all of 1 mile closer to home) to a different law firm. This is such an exciting move and will be awesome for his career. The new firm is more formal that where he's been so we've spent the past few weeks buying new clothes and altering suits. I went to the outlets and Jos A Bank was having an incredible sale on shirts and ties so I bought a bunch, brought them home and laid them out with the ones he already is so fun even when it isn't for me! Here's Jared humoring my need to play dress up!
Jared started law school at Mercer University in Macon and finished his first year at the top of his class with honors. He won't tell it to you like this but I will because it is true. We met not long before he went to law school. We were both living in Atlanta and he moved to Macon after 7 months of dating. We soon became engaged and got married the week his first year of school was over. We planned on me moving to Macon but I ended up taking a new job back in Atlanta a  few weeks before we married. Then we spent the first months married with J driving back and forth to Atlanta from Macon for work...not so good for the beginning of a marriage. 

The week that school was to start back Jared called and said "I just quit school and I am coming moving back to Atlanta. I choose my marriage over school." Shock does not adequately convey my thoughts day! Jared packed his stuff, moved into our apartment and enrolled in GA State Law School with less than a week until classes started. That was the first of many many many times Jared has chosen his family over his career. Switching schools meant that Jared lost many of the honors that he'd worked so very hard to earn at Mercer. And on an attorney's resume those honors are very important. We've been married  6 years now and Jared has chosen his family over his job every day since then...and many times I've felt guilty because it was my selfishness that moved us back to Atlanta.

Again, Jared won't tell it to you like this but I will. In the world of lawyers he would have had lots better job opportunities over the past 6 years had he stayed at Mercer. Had that happen I don't know what our marriage/family would look like but it probably wouldn't be pretty and there's not much reason to spend time wondering. However, this job change for Jared is such an exciting move to a really great law firm. And, it is the result of 7+ years of hard work and sacrifice from him. I am so thrilled for him, so proud of how hard he works and so excited that after such sacrifice he has this opportunity. And I will tell you that he looks mighty cute wearing those new suits and ties! 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Apparently Jared stole the camera

Sometime in the past week Jared must have taken the camera because this is what I found when I started downloading tonight. I have such a crazy family!

Weekend Fun

We've been having lots of fun around here, especially on the weekends when all four of us are together! Matney is totally, totally, totally a Daddy's girl and she's always in a good mood when he's around. They are goofy together! Here's Matney striking a pose!

Jared smoked us some yummy chicken. I think I like smoked chicken more than any other meat. Unfortunately this picture was taken just before the chicken caught on fire. Bummer. The inside was edible but the outside was charred crispy.

Every day Halle Kate greets Jared at the door screaming "GIVE ME BACK MY IPAD". That girl is such a charmer. I keep telling her that she needs to work on her "sucking up to Daddy skills" or she's going to be wearing Matney's hand-me-downs forever.