Saturday, February 25, 2012

She is in pink!

HK was willing to wear pink so I had to snap a may never happen again!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Trading Teams

Halle Kate has crossed over to the other side and is officialy joining her big sister as a Daddy's girl! Every other word out of HK's mouth since she started talking has been "mommy"...for real, every other word. And often "Mommy" is being YELLED across a room. Over the past month though HK has been asking for her Daddy more and more. She says that she needs him all day long, she demands to sit by him when we eat, she wants him to get out of the car, etc. I've held her every Saturday morning of her life...but this past weekend only her Daddy would do! Such sweet girls!


One of the sad things about little girls growing out of naps is that it leaves the mommies of little girls very tired and needing alone time in the afternoon. One of the good things about having little girls growning out of naps is that they generally all grow out of napping at about the same age. Sometimes mommies of those little same age girls get smart enough to realize that they can be occupied when all together!

Matney and one of her best friends Mackenzie have been hanging out with one another during nap times so that at least one mommy can get something done! Such a smart idea. Happy mommies and happy kids, kids who play hard and are that much more tired at night. This is a win-win!

She's her own girl

I am not sure where she got two lollipops or her outfit but apparently she found the candy and outfit on her own. I think she is so funny!

Baby Yoga!

The girls have loved doing baby yoga recently. After acting like downward dogs, cats and trees they settle down for "meditation time". The get a blanket and want an eye mask...which they grab toilet paper for, ha! They are so cute! And don't be fooled they were not quiet for even 30 seconds!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

From squeals to quiet in 5 seconds

When we left off in the last post we were opening Valentine's cards with money. The girls were super excited and begging to head to Walmart. What else in the world could have possibly gotten their attention? Moments after the cards were open I directed their attention to the kitchen table...just look at those wide eyes!
Wide eyes and huge smiles!

Wide eyes, huge smiles and squeals of joy!

What could it be????

I married into the best family! Some of Jared's TX aunts knew we'd had a sick house and wanted to make us all feel better. In case you didn't know it (which would be hard to believe if you are bothering to read this blog and know me at all) sugar cookies with icing are my love language! And I think my girls are going to be just the same way!

Matney wanted an egg and HK wanted a chick/bunny. I couldn't ever her attention enough to get a good picture! And yes, Max wanted some cookies too but I don't share things that yummy. He just got a plain old doggie bone. We quickly went from squeals and to quiet munching! Thank you Aunt Sassy and Aunt Connie, those were the perfect medicine and we LOVE you both!!!!!

Mail is awesome!

After Halle Kate and I picked up Matney at school on Friday (it was pj day) we came home to some very exciting mail. First, the envelopes. Matney and Halle Kate each had an envelope in the mailbox from MoMo with a valentines card and.....

....wait for it, still trying to figure out how to open it....

....Ta Da! Their very own money. These were some seriously happy girls who started begging to go to Walmart. Poor things had to wait more than 18 hours with that money burning a hole in their pockets!

Matney was so funny. Her immediate comment when she realized what she had and what she could do was "Oh, Mommy! Guess what? MoMo must have seen the new LaLaLoopsy Little Sisters at her Walmart and knew I needed one from my Walmart!" Sweet girl, she's been drooling over those for a weeks since they were released.

And Halle Kate - we didn't have any idea what to expect her choice to be. (Don't you love the shirt? That was mine 30 years ago! She demands to wear it all the time.)
We went this morning to WalMart and it took them all of 4 seconds to pick out what they wanted. Matney grabbed the LaLaLoopsy of her dreams - Jewel Sparkles with her kitty and tiara.
Halle Kate announced in the car that she wanted a baby doll...I told Jared to STEP ON IT and get us to Walmart quickly! I had expected that we were about to have another TowMater join the family so when she said babydoll I was not letting the opportunity pass! She did go up and down the row several times because she only wanted a boy baby. The doll that made the cut is dressed like a cow, has a baby cow toy and Moos. I am not a fan of another noisy toy but it sure beats another car or dinosaur! Thanks Momo!
Now on to part two of awesome Friday.......

Friday, February 3, 2012

Another day...

It is just another fun sick day here with halle kate. On a normal day she is a exhausting but funny. On sick day number 5 she is the reason I neeeeed a diet coke and a vacation!!!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I love my people

Jared got home early enough to eat dinner with us. Whoo hoo! Now all my people are reading together on the couch. I am so unbelievably thankful for my family!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sick day

We are stuck home today with a sick Halle Kate but playdough makes even rainy sick days better!