Monday, July 16, 2012

Imagination Play Place

I cannot remember the name of this place but we met friends at a play place about 30 minutes north of us. It is set up like a little town and all the rooms are different themes. Everything is kid friendly and the girls had a good time.
The girls had a "Titanic" moment! I tried to get them to throw their arms open but they thought I was nuts.

The Dr office

Driving an old fire truck

This better be the only time I ever see my children in the back of a police car!

Flying an old airplane

Milking a cow

And HK's personal favorite...the xray room. She is obsessed with drs and xrays. She says she wants to be a baby dr when she grows up but when you ask her why says says "so I can give babies shots"....which makes me think this won't be the last time HK is in the back of a police car!

Several people have asked my opinion so here goes! All in all it was nice to go somewhere new but I won't ever plan on taking them back. I was totally creeped out by the amount of kids all trying to wear the same dr coats, hats, etc. While it was neat that it was hands on the things were really old and torn up. While we were several day camps/day cares came in and it was just wild. My girls ended up in the "4 and under" room that had a small slide more than anywhere else just because they were bored. It wasn't cheap either so while it was neat to go once we won't be back!

Robot Recovery

Somewehere along the way during HK's fun bday weekend she picked up a stomach bug. She acted kind of pitiful on Monday morning but I thought she was just sleepy and we headed to the gym like normal. Just as we pulled in the parking lot my sweet girl started barfing everywhere. I will spare you the details but it was really bad. I pulled up to the gym door and grabbed some towels, cleaned her up as best I could and we went home.

Here she is in new clothes. Is that not the saddest picture you've ever seen? She was sick, she didn't understand what happened but the worst part was that she'd barfed all over Robot and he was in the washing machine. No Robot to cuddle when you don't feel good is traumatizing for HK. But then I had an idea...

We were still one day away from her official bday but I knew that in a box in my dining room I had lots of robots sent from Aunt Sassy and Aunt Connie and I thought that, given the situation, they would approve of an early bday gift. In the above picture I'd told HK I had something that would make her feel better. Can you tell she perked up?

So she closed her eyes and I put 5 Kauzbots on her lap. She opened her eyes, looked down and didn't know what to think. I love all her funny facial expresions.

Once I explained that they were robots for her she got really interested.

I hate that this is blurry but I was trying to take pics as fast as she was moving. Look at her hands. Open fisted and starting to grab. Ha!

And then she totally went nuts. Give a robot lover 5 new bots is speaking her love language.

Eventually she wanted to cuddle just the blue one and I went to clean my car and call TX to say that the Aunts had saved the day! We currently have Robot city in HK's room. All the Kauzbots live on her beanbag and watch her while she sleeps. If you don't know about these guys, esp if you know someone who likes robots and needs a gift, go check them out. Great robots for a great cause!

Birthday train ride

There are few things that are for sure in the girls' world and one is that if MoMo is in town they will go to the mall, ride the train and eat pretzels. Never fails. So after the cake was made and the ducks were fed we headed to the mall.

The train drives around mall (and charges a fortune per person inc. adults to ride) so one of us always walks behind the train to make sure the girls were ok. I think this picture is Jared getting onto Matney for standing up and HK smirking. ha!

See the pretzel bag in the background? They have a routine!

Feeding the ducks

The weekend before HK's bday was full of fun for HK. First she requested to go feed the ducks at a pond near the mall....I think this was a set up to get her close to the mall choo choo train but those pics will be in the next post! You can see in J's hand that we only brought one loaf of bread. Big mistake. Those were hungry ducks!

As soon as we got near the water they came swimming from all directions.

There were lots of ducks and geese.

Boo Halle!

Once our bread was gone we walked around to the bridge.

There were turtles in the water near the bridge.

Daddy and Matney tried to get a picture but Matney wasn't interested. HK was already headed to the car yelling "mall, mall!". And can you tell that Matney and her Daddy were in charge of her outfit for the day? That is a lovely amount of too small pink she is wearing!

Birthday Cake

Who in the world would think of leaving these girls with all that candy/junk/sugar? Take one guess! A Grandparent is the only possible answer! Just before HK's bday MoMo showed up ready to make a robot cake.

And you know what is great about a MoMo who makes cakes? It means Mommy gets some free time! Ha! I look like such a slacker parent in this picture!

Cake + icing + candy = HAPPY CHILDREN

As fast as candy bags were opened little mouths were full!

Ta Da! HK inspecting her cake.

Robot cake for a robot loving girl. Poor baby, we made the cake while MoMo was here over the weekend and she didn't like having to wait 2 more days until her bday to eat it!

End of School

We had another great year at Creekside Christian Academy! It took HK until Christmas to not scream, kick and cry in the carpool line but by May they were both all smiles on preschool mornings. Both girls had last day of school parties at the same time...and there is only one of me so the girls went two parties!
First HK and I joined M's class for a pizza party.

Then they washed their hands and we headed outside for the second part of HK's party. I took the picture above because they both got up from the table, threw their plates away and washed their hands without me saying a word. Ummm, in this house I would say that they have no idea how to even find the trash can!

We arrived at HK's party just in time for cupcakes!!!

At the end we made sure to get pictures with teachers. Matney loved being in class with Ms. Julie and Ms. Kathy.

And HK had a great year with Ms. Andrea and Ms. Jackie - thank goodness for Ms. Andrea. After the first few weeks of tears I was ready to pull HK out and keep her with me for another year but Ms. A always calmed me down and promised me that HK was fine.

Summer will be fun and then they'll have one more year together at Creekside - can't believe Matney will be in pre-K next year!