Thursday, November 20, 2008


Spoiled. And I don't mean Matney. I mean all of you blog readers who are getting so many pictures of Miss M in one day. But, I am here and have time so I took the pictures off the camera tonight. Baby girl was TIRED so she went to be early.

I tried to take these pictures of one of my favorite outfits for Matney. I love it even if it isn't pink. Mom gave it to her last week in WR and I honestly wasn't so sure about it. However, once it was on her...WAY CUTE! Matney wasn't in the mood for more photos this week so here is our cute girl having a FIT! I see this face SEVERAL times a day. Hope you enjoy!

Oh, don't worry. I have ribbon that is brown with teal dots and will make her a perfectly matching bow before she wears this again. I know you were concerned!

Outfit number 2

I have HATED myself since M was born for not taking her to have newborn naked baby pictures. So, here they are 8.5 months later. And I LOVE them!

This top one is my personal favorite. SO Matney!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Playgroup Halloween

Matney's costume is finally revealed!!! She was a MONSTER for Halloween...a girl monster with bows on her horns. Isn't it the greatest?!?!? Every time Matney sees it hanging up she just starts giggling. I think I will keep it out for a while just hanging in her room!
Friday we went to a Halloween party hosted by one of our playgroup moms. All the kids got dressed up and we attempted pictures. They were finally playing in their costumes but they did NOT like having to sit on the couch for pictures. Here are some highlights from the day.
The blog program is being funny recently and posting my pictures in the opposite order of how I upload them so I am not sure which picture is ever going to show up where.