Thursday, February 25, 2010

What I've learned

There are lots of things I've learned in my two years being a mom. Some of those things I've paid great attention to and changed my behaviors or beliefs (like, I will NEVER say NEVER again!). On some things I seem to be a slower learner. Last year at this time we were gearing up for Matney's first birthday when she got super sick for two weeks and then I had kidney stones that put me in the hospital. Lesson not put things off until the last minute when you have children because, well, crap happens.

In this case that last statement can be taken literally. Halle Kate has been through the wringer with this stomach bug and once again it is the week before M's birthday. I thought I was well prepared. I bought everything in January and felt very organized. Now, I've got all sorts of things to do and make for our big girl's party and I've spent all free time this week doing 9 loads of laundry in 4 days.

Plus, "Matney Shortcakes" (what she calls herself when she wears her pink hat) is having a Strawberry Shortcake themed party. What's the problem you wonder? Every grocery store around us right now has a sign that says "Due to extreme weather conditions in FL this year we are temporarily out of strawberries." and I had lots of yummy strawberry treats planned. Lovely.

So, what have I learned? Once again don't just plan and purchase ahead of time but do the work well ahead of time. Next year the Christmas decorations come down and the party stuff goes up. I wonder if Monkey Joes books parties more than a year in advance? I should call today. And what else? NEVER plan a birthday party around a seasonal fruit. Learn from me people!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Halle Kate a/k/a Poop-zilla

As I take a five minute break from my day at work to write this post, my wife is no doubt continuing her battle against poop.

It appears that our little Halle Kate may have a stomach bug as she has had some serious problems with food over the last couple of days. Namely, Halle Kate could not keep it down and, now, cannot keep it up.

It all started Sunday night when Halle vomited all over herself an her crib – 3 times. I use the word vomited b/c spit up and even threw up minimize and downplay the nastiness that Stacey and I (order given not for grammar’s sake but to correctly depict the order in which we bore the brunt of the mess) were required to deal with.

Then, yesterday, Halle started to experience problems at the other end. I will not go into unnecessarily gross details but let us all agree that if unzipping footie pajamas subjects one to being covered in poop because it just starts flowing out of the pajamas (picture opening a zip-lock baggie full of water), it is unpleasant.

God bless Stacey for handling it all so well. And God Bless the little Poop-zilla may she recover quickly.

Friday, February 19, 2010


I took the girls because I wanted pictures of Matney in her birthday tutu for her birthday invitations...clearly that didn't happen. Once we got there I quickly realized we were already on borrowed time and just needed to get one decent picture regardless of what she was wearing.
My next goal was to have some pictures of Matney at 2 and get some good ones of Halle Kate now that she can sit up. I waited too long because now she can sit and crawl. She was all over the place.
My other main goal was to get a good picture of the sisters together. We've taken hundreds (ok, thousands) of pictures at the house but they are always in their jammies with food on their face and an Elmo in the background. Here are some of the sister pictures...ha! When I tell you it was a crazy hour I really mean it was a crazy hour!

If there was a cartoon bubble above Matney's head I'm pretty sure it would say, "Oh good grief, Halle Kate. What in the world has our crazy Mama got on your head now? Poor girl, just you wait. In a couple months we'll both be able to out run her and we'll make sure there are no more of these crazy flowers and bows!".

"Come here, Halle Kate. I'll hold your neck!"

"I don't think I like this. No more pictures for me please!!!"

Halle - minus her matching dress

Here's my sweet girl. Remember, she's naked because her dress was in Matney's toy box at home. I think she's so darn cute she doesn't even need a matching dress! This first picture is my favorite.

Because I know some of you want one without a big bow or flower...

Two TOO Soon!

The world is spinning way too fast! Matney will turn 2 in just two weeks. There are certainly days I find myself repeating "this is just a phase and she will grow out of it", while wanting her to grow up a little more and be able to express herself without so much screaming. However, there are many more days, when she curls up in my lap saying "hold you, hold you", that I want to yell "STOP!!!!" and stay right where we are. Oh well, she's about to turn is just a little too soon for me.
Here are some of Miss Matney's 2nd year pictures.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Teaser Pictures

Remember the CRAZY photo shoot with the girls that I talked about last week? I just went and picked up our pictures from the photographer tonight. There isn't time to go through them all and get them uploaded to the blog so here are just a few teaser pics. Just you wait. Some of them are super cute and some of them are just too funny. I would love to say that they were in rare form that day but actually they were acting just like normal!

The Train to Nowhere...

"The _______ to Nowhere" was the theme for last weekend. The trip/plane to nowhere, the train to nowhere. Ugh. It is time to get moving next week. I don't know what the girls and I are going to plan but it is going to be exciting!
All it took while my mom was here was her hearing, "there is a choo-choo train at the mall Matney loves and hasn't ever ridden" and we were dressed and in the car. Matney made the choo-choo noise for the whole drive and was more than excited to get out of the car and eat her chicken nuggets at Chick-fil-a (another favorite thing) so that she could go ride the train. Watch the progression of the pictures.

The train stops to board and Matney hops on. See the smile?

Still smiling. Here comes the conductor to give us a ticket (read - charge MoMo $4 per person for a 5 minute train ride!)

Hmmm, M's facial expression seems to be changing...where's that smile?

Why the big eyes, Matney? Something wrong???

Time to pay and get our ticket!

Where are the pictures of the moving train? I don't know...probably because we were not on it! Just after this last picture was taken Matney FLIPPED OUT and started crying. The nice conductor stood there while I tried to calm her down. That clearly wasn't going to happen so everyone else on the train waited while we climbed off (not easily or gracefully might I add. The door to that train cabin is tiny!), handed our tickets back and waited for him to give MoMo her money back. Poor Matney was so sweet. I assume she heard me say it to the man first but she looked right at him when he handed us the money back and said "I'm sorry" in the most pitiful voice. And that is the story of my poor, sweet, scared baby girl...and the train to nowhere!

Pretty Girl

I love this picture. Matney and her puppy had just gotten out of bed. When she got downstairs she loved the snowgirl outside but is still terrified of the snow. If anyone even tried to open a door she'd get really upset. There were long conversations with the snowgirl outside but Matney wouldn't ever go out to "meet" her.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

*^$*%^% Snow

I am so far behind blogging you may see pictures without many comments for a while. I know, I know, you've just done a big sigh of relief. Probably my comments are boring to most of you but I hope that I will one day get my act together and have the blog printed into book format for the girls to keep. Can't you just imagine what they'll think of all my comments about "long, poop filled days" years from now! Ha! Sorry, girls!
Anyway, here are pictures of the Vegas canceling snow last week. At noon we had clear skies and by 8pm 4" of fluffy white snow covered the ground (and apparently all the Atl airport runways, not that I'm still bitter or anything). As soon as the girls went down J and I snuck outside to build Matney a snowgirl. I know most snowmen don't have prunes for eyes but sometimes you have to run with what you've got!

She was originally going to be a Minnie Mouse snowgirl but that didn't work out so well so she just got a big bow.

Pretty snow still falling