Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I don't have pictures from going to church handy, but here are some pictures from the egg-hunt.
HK could barely hold her basket it has so many eggs.

We made them go through their eggs as a guise to confiscate their candy and give it out to them at appropriate intervals - there was so much that they didn't mind.

Ev thought it was great to get to torture her sisters and play with their eggs.

And Ev got her own basket of goodies.  Hard to believe how big she is getting.

In some of the pictures above, you can see the Zarina the Pirate Fairy Matney's big easter treat, and here is a picture of HK posing with her's that is baby Tick-Tock Crock (both Zarina and baby Tick-Tock are from the new Disney Fairy Movie "the Pirate Fairy" which is a favorite for the time being).

Friday, March 28, 2014

Big Girls Too

Stacey didn't just send me pictures of our newest addition, she also sent me plenty of the big girls too.  Here are a few of my favorites:

If you turn your back on the big girls, because you are putting a baby down for a nap, they just might help themselves to a snack, a drink, and then climb on top of the table to watch television.  Why the couch in front of them wasn't good enough?  Who knows.

She was proud of this froggy.  And he made it all the way until this past week.  R.I.P. Geo the frog.

I wish I could say HK only wore the Hulk costume on Halloween, but this picture is from August.  She still hops into it at random times when she is feeling green and mean.

Matney lost her first tooth about 2 days before school started.  She was so proud.

Matney didn't like the school bus at first, but now she is an expert rider with no problems!  Way to go Matney!

I love this school picture.  You don's have to smile just because someone tells you to.

Can you find HK in the background?  Matney and Halle emptied a lot of the animals out of the zoo, and HK thought she needed to replace them with herself.  We have way too many stuffed animals and toys in our house.

This is the "sweet picture" I get when the girls are allowed to do what they want.  Matney wants to make me laugh and HK, well I don't know what she was trying to do.  But it made me laugh.

Stacey went and had lunch with Matney as school one day.  Boy is she cute in pigtails.

When we were in the middle of our move, Stacey took the girls down to Warner Robbins to visit family.  The girls loved their time with Max.  Max loved it too.

Ev Through the Year

So everyone knows that we struggled to post pictures to the blog last year.  A third precious girl is to blame.  But, here is proof that while we might not have gotten around to posting pictures, plenty were taken.  The following collection of photos were all sent to me while I was working.  These are only some of the photos I got - most photos have screaming/crying kiddos and a worn-out Momma in them.  But, no matter what the photos shows, nothing brightens my day like getting an email with a picture of my girls.

See Baby Girl in July on 2013

Special mesh feeder we gave Ev when she started on real food.  She wouldn't use it for me, but did great for Stacey.

Avocado was favorite food at the end of last Summer.

Ev was more than a little disappointed with me for putting gates up at the new house on day 2.

Ev learned very quickly how to stand (and bounce) in her crib.  She also learned to gnaw on the railing.

Older photo from the old house, big girls reading to Sissy in the loft, with Robot and Dog of course!

I remember when Ev used to sleep, and here is proof (even if upside down).

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Santa Claus Came to Town

We had smores with Santa at the new neighborhood.  Only HK was excited about hanging out with the man in red.

New House - River Photos

One feature that Stacey and I like about our new house is its proximity to a river (where I hope to find time to go fishing).  Here are some photos I took of the girls one of the first days we were at the new place.  The path to the river is across the street and two houses down from us.

The water was low in these pictures.  On days when they have released water from the up-river dam, the rick the girls are standing on in these pictures is under several feet of water.

She May Not be a Texan - but she can ride a horse

One of Matney's friends had a birthday party this past fall where the main entertainment was riding "ponies".  Only problem - the ponies didn't show up.  Solution, the company that was a no-show made it up by inviting all the attendees to come to their property and ride horses around a practice ring.  I think Matney had more fun doing this than she would have going in a small circle in our friend's backyard.  Win-Win!

Now, if I could only get Matney's Mommy on a horse again - she has only gone riding with me once (as a present to me when I graduated law school).


Yes, we did take the girls trick-or-treating this year.  We couldn't have two more different, or fantastic, big girls (hint, they are the middle two - Cinderella and The Hulk):
I even taught HK the line, "You won't like me when I'm angry!"

Jared's Birthday Lunch

To celebrate my birthday, we took the girls for pizza.  They were more interested in climbing on the giant mushroom-man statute (which did look rather cool) than eating.

Cute One Year Old

And a day of some minor catching up on posts could not be complete without another photo of Ev.  Here she is, showing off the outfit she wore for her first birthday party.

HK's First Day of Pre-K

Halle Kate started a week later, and Stacey and I both took her to school on her first day:
She was pretty excited to have us there for her first day.  And yes, that is a cool girlie shirt.  Further proof (Robot is always close by for big events):