Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I don't have pictures from going to church handy, but here are some pictures from the egg-hunt.
HK could barely hold her basket it has so many eggs.

We made them go through their eggs as a guise to confiscate their candy and give it out to them at appropriate intervals - there was so much that they didn't mind.

Ev thought it was great to get to torture her sisters and play with their eggs.

And Ev got her own basket of goodies.  Hard to believe how big she is getting.

In some of the pictures above, you can see the Zarina the Pirate Fairy Matney's big easter treat, and here is a picture of HK posing with her's that is baby Tick-Tock Crock (both Zarina and baby Tick-Tock are from the new Disney Fairy Movie "the Pirate Fairy" which is a favorite for the time being).

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