Sunday, September 21, 2008

Baby Faker Pants

Poor Baby Faker Pants. She has such a hard life.

I don't know if you can really see her facial expressions in these pictures but Matney can whine like you wouldn't believe at her age! We call her Baby Faker Pants. She was hanging out with me in the kitchen a couple days ago and we were singing. When I quit she got all upset and went into her Faker Pants routine. The first four pictures are during the fit. Can you see the bottom lip sticking out?

The bottom picture is 1 minute later when I started singing again. She was fine.

Aren't you jealous...

Aren't you jealous that when you wash dishes you don't look across the room and see this pretty girl? I know you are and I'm sorry but she is ours!
Matney loves to sit up and is really steady on her own but it scares me to get too far from her. If I put the Boppy (can I just say we WAY got our moneys worth on that purchase) behind her then even if she falls over she's fine and just keep rolling around. She plays (eats everything she can get her hands on) while I get things done in the room with her. She is growing up so quickly!

Big Girl Food

I have been reminded by several people that I haven't updated the blog in a week. So sorry! This week in the Heald house has been NONstop and we're finishing our packing tomorrow and fly to TX on Tuesday. However, so that I leave you with cute new pics of the bug, I took these this afternoon. Such a cutie!

Zwibeck Toast by Gerber is our new favorite food...and I did not get up to check the spelling. I have to watch her because she'll bite a chunk off and can't chew it yet but she loves it! What a big girl.

Our new favorite food! I have to watch her because she'll bite a chunk off and can't chew it yet but she loves it!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Taking a break

This is part of the pile of laundry I needed to be putting away Friday afternoon.

This is Matney patiently waiting for me to put up the laundry in her bouncy seat

This is Matney rolling around on the floor after I decided that I cared more about playing with Matney than laundry. It was still piled up when Jared got home and I had to put it away after she went to bed.

This next picture is Matney pulling my hair, rolling all over me while I held the camera in the air.

I LOVE playing with this baby. Although taking a break resulted in me having to stay up later and put up laundry was well worth our fun!


I (Stacey) LOVE carrots. There were many times when I was pregnant that Jared had to go to the grocery store to make sure we didn't run out. I have been curious to see if Matney would love carrots since she "ate" so many while I was pregnant.
The playgroup moms came over Monday and we made carrots, sweet potatoes and zuchinni. Matney tried carrots last night for the first time. I only thawed out one cube to begin with. She liked them and ate quickly so I grabbed a couple more. When she got those, not two minutes later, she acted like I was trying to POISON her. Frustrating! I ran back to the freezer, grabbed a couple cubes of apples and mixed a little carrot with a lot of apples and that was fine. Over the course of the bowl of carrots I mixed less apples with more carrots until she ate mostly carrots. Here are the orange pictures!


I am so excited to be dressing a girl this winter. Just look what I found...TIGHTS! Lots of tights in lots of colors!!! If I had my choice Matney would wear a dress and tights every day. My favorite is a long sleeve cotton, tee shirt material, mid-calf dress. If I can find them cheap she will look so cute in her matching tights, dress and bows! I know Osh Kosh had some earlier in the season, if anyone sees dresses like that call and let me know where to shop!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Our little sleeper!

Ok, so my nose grew at the lie I told when I typed the title of this post but she is better than she used to be! Matney is still sleeping in her Amby Bed and is much easier to get down than ever before. The trick is to give her this pink blanket she has and her paci. Once the paci is in she wads the blanket up (it is only about 2'x2') and pulls it over her head. Then she falls asleep and we wait about 10 minutes and go take the blanket out. No blanket no easy sleeping. How funny!

I tried to get a picture of her all curled up with the blanket. The top 2 pictures are my first attempt. Notice anything? Yep, the blanket is down and she is SCREAMING. Oops! The flash woke her up!

The next pictures are grainy because I put her down for her next nap without closing the door. It was early afternoon and enough light came in her room so that I could get a picture without the flash. This is after I'd pulled the blanket away from her nose. How sweet!

Look Great Grandmama...I am just like Mommy!

If you were to ask my Grandmother what my favorite thing is that she cooks she would either say chicken and dumplings or zipper peas. Matney is too little for the dumplings but I got up and went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday with some other mommy's in our play group. I got apples and zipper peas. I had to have a slight internal battle to not come home and cook them for myself but I resisted and made Matney zipper peas for lunch...and she loved them! Take a look and if you can, blow up the first picture and look at those pretty eyes!
Grandmama, this does NOT mean that I am able to make them myself. It is still your job to make them for me because yours always taste better!

Teething Biscuts and Marshmellows

It had been a while since we'd seen them so Rose and Abby came over on Saturday afternoon to hang out. Rose held Matney while she worked on one of her new favorite things...a teething biscut. Goodness those things are messy.
Once Matney had had her treat the girls got a can of sterno fuel (don't know if that is spelled right?!?!) and s'more fixins and had a treat of our own. It may still be 90degrees outside but when a girl needs s'mores a girl needs s'mores. And I personally don't think you can introduce them too early!

Matney really enjoyed her first s'more party!!! Maybe not as much as her mama though!

Sniff, Sniff

I saved these pictures to the blog a little while and intended to come back and write more text about how big Matney is getting and how much fun she is. However, on the way back to do that I just jumped on my friend Amber's blog and saw her post from today and am CRYING at the computer. Here is part of what she said if you don't have time to pop over and read it:
"It reminds me of a book that a friend gave me by Karen Kingsbury, can't think of the title at the moment, but one of her few children's books. It about us constantly documenting our children's firsts, but rarely realize that we also experience their lasts. I know there are already a few lasts that we have encountered with Tate; the last time he curled up into that newborn ball, the last time he had his startle reflex, and many others I am sure have occurred, but I have yet to realize. Just another reminder to cherish every single moment because he is ever-changing and won't be doing all of these things for very long."
AGH!!! I have been loving watching Matney grow and learn new things every day but I hadn't thought about all the "lasts" we have had with her. The last time she curled up with me in bed and I wrapped around her in the Boppy, the last time she rode all balled up in the sling snuggled close to Mommy, the last quiet sucks of the bottle that were so sweet sounding in the dark of night because those now are chugs and gulps and spitting on purpose because it is fun! No more tiny diapers or tiny toes, no more sponge baths while holding her because she was too small for her bath tub. Oh, how I want to say how sad it is but at the same time it is so wonderful to have such a healthy, thriving baby girl. What a tremendous gift. Jared and I will have to go to bed tonight being more conscience to thank God for all the firsts but also all the lasts. We are so blessed.
Here is our big girl on her 6 month birthday.

Clearly, she had had enough!

Desperate and BEGGING!

This is a desperate plea from the parents of a fussy baby girl! Matney got this bug (Jared says it is a dinosaur but it doesn't matter for this plea) and she LOVES IT! It is her favorite toy and we have to make sure it goes with us everywhere we go. This means that we are either 1 - going to leave it somewhere, 2 - going to have to let her have it dirty after she throws it on the ground out and about somewhere or 3 - going to forget it at home. Trust me, ANY OF THESE WOULD BE BAD!!! We have no idea where it came from and cannot find another one like it anywhere. It is made by a company named "Sassy" and I've included a picture of the tag. The creature itself is made of a canvas feeling material, his top green part is soft plastic like a teething toy and there is a plastic ring attached to it.
If you have ever seen anything like this bug and know where we could get more we would REALLY appreciate it.

Friday, September 5, 2008

6 month appt.

She has grown SO much!

Our last day in the hospital

our first whole day home

crazy, big 6th month old baby girl!

I have a horrible headache and am headed to lie down while Matney is asleep but promised I'd put this info up.

Matney's appt. went great. She weighs 17lbs 10oz and is in the 80th percentile. I had it wrong earlier and thought it was the 90th but she's not that big yet! She is 26.25in tall which is the 69th percentile. Her weight could have been an ounce off because she was chewing on her rings and SCREAMED when we tried to take them from her to put her on the scale so we let her keep them and they may have added an ounce! The dr was very impressed with all that she is able to do (sit up, fake cough, etc) and said we are doing great!

We do have to see an eye dr in the next month though. If you have noticed in the pictures Matney has had a clogged tear duct since she was about a month old. She always either has a tear running down her face or goop in the corner of her eye. The eye doctor will decide if we can continue to monitor it or if she will need a procedure to unclog it. Please pray that we can avoid surgery at this point...we do not want to have to put this baby girl to sleep!!!!

And shots don't slow this girl down. I am typing with her in my arms now because she is already awake. No dark, quiet room for this mommy's head!