Friday, October 30, 2009

FINALLY. finally, finally, finally!

I finally found the perfect bow for Halle Kate. Perfect size, perfect "floppines". I am going to have to get online and figure out where to order more from because I AM IN LOVE!!!

Playgroup Halloween

It was time for the second annual playgroup Halloween party yesterday. We'd gotten Matney and Halle Kate costumes several weeks ago but it was quickly obvious that they were going to be a waste of money. So I set out to make the girls something cute to wear that they would at least put on without too much screaming. Let's just say that it was midnight the night before the party and I was still up trying to get these finished. Priorities people, priorities!
The girls are wearing matching, glittered "BOO!" shirts, big purple bows and purple and black tutu...all made by me! I am tired but they are cute. You can probably tell from these pictures that getting the kids to all sit still wasn't working. I didn't end up taking any other pictures so that I could try to keep M on the couch. I hate that I don't have a good picture to put up. There were a couple moms who took lots so as soon as I can link to those you can get the full effect of M's big tutu. It was huge and both girls were was so stinking cute!

Before the tutu

Have you ever tried to get 6 toddlers to sit still on a couch? It doesn't work!

Matney found a bug puppy dog and was happy all day long.

Happy Halloween

Halle really enjoyed the playgroup Halloween playgroup party. Can you tell?

Halle Kate and Caleb, the next generation of playgroup.

Look closely at HK's legs. I didn't realize just how big M's tights from last year would be on Halle. Matney was wearing these this time last year. On HK? They were at least a foot too long! Ha! I didn't get her dressed until we got there so there was no choice but to put them on. Poor thing looked like she had two tails coming from underneath her tutu. Such a peanut!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Whatzzz up, peeps?!?!

I don't even think I can come up with anything to say about these pictures. My child is so funny!

Outfit of choice

Here is Matney sweeping the floors in her outfit of choice...kitty socks, bee pj's and her flower hat. I have a feeling getting her dressed for school in a few years is going to be lots of fun!

Fall Festival

When Jared got back in town this weekend he wasn't feeling well. It was freezing Saturday and Matney and I were going crazy in the house but it was too cold to take Halle Kate outside. Luckily we happened to talk to Matney's friend Collin (well, Collin's mama) Saturday afternoon and they were getting ready to head to a fall festival their neighborhood was having. If you'd been here you'd have seen Miss M and I bundle up and make a mad dash for the door. She had a great time but did learn to say "Matney cold" before the day was done!

Wild Times

I didn't realize that it had been so long since I'd blogged. So sorry! If I was keeping a tally most days of the week would read "Baby Girls 1, Mom 0". Oh my! It can get wild around here. Jared was out of town last week, which I didn't figure needed to be on the blog, and I just didn't think about logging on here at all. I've also given up on working out when the girls nap together (because it never happens) so for the last two weeks I've been getting up with Halle Kate and working out after I feed her. That means I'm in bed around 11pm and up before 5am most days. Too little sleep plus morning Shred workouts...I'm beat! I don't think it will be too long before I make myself learn how to like coffee!

The Pea-nutty!

Can you believe that the Peanut is 5 months old?!?! Time is FLYING! I looked back at the blog from when Matney was 5 months and they are doing almost the exact same things. Halle Kate started rolling over from back to belly last week and she is all over the place now. I don't think it will be long before I'm chasing two of them all around the house. Other than the bath and the car she is always smiling. Right now she napes 3 times a day for 40 minutes each. She goes to bed between 6-7pm, eats at 10pm and 4:30am and gets up around 7am. I'd love for her to skip either of those night feeds so that I could have a longer stretch of sleep but I'm not complaining.

And, she FINALLY weighs 12 whole pounds. That is so funny to us because Matney weighed more than that at 2 months. Halle Kate is so tiny...and just precious!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fashion Queen

Matney picked out her own shoes and hat yesterday. I think she's headed for fashion stardom! Ha! She's a hoot...and she wore that hat to Target and Home Depot because she wouldn't let us take it off.

She's obsessed I tell ya!

I told you Halle Kate was obsessed with her toes and I wasn't kidding. We tried to sit her up last week and this is how she ended up. Good thing babies are flexible!

Crabby Claws

Matney's new favorite "toy"? The oven mitts. She has a song on an Elmo DVD called the "Crabby Crawl" so we made up our own version called the Crabby Claws. She crawls around chasing me with the mitts while we sing. Oh, the things I never imagined doing as a mother....

My Mommy is so fun!

I was desperate for 10 minutes without Matney underfoot last week to finish dinner for Jared and me. I thought about my options and decided that letting Matney feed herself yogurt would buy me the 10 minutes I needed. However, I made that decision knowing I would have a good 10 minutes of Matney clean up when she finished. Sometimes, the end result is worth the mess it takes to get there. All the Healds had dinner, Matney had a good time (and thinks her mama is fun) and I had an extra load of laundry to do!

Yummy! Pancakes and yogurt!

I think I'm done eating so I'll just play while mom is distracted!

Big Girl Tummy Time

Matney loves to color and to read and she's started doing both while laying on her belly. We think it is so cute!


Some of these are blurry but just look at Halle Kate. She is always so so happy...unless someone other than me is trying to hold her. Then she likes to show of her incredible lung capacity! But for now, we're home alone and she is the sweetest girl!

What? You think I am cute???

If we could read Matney's mind - "What Mommy? You think I am super cute in my fall attire? Oh, you do? I must just be lovely. Let me go check myslf out."

"I am one good looking lady. I am so glad my sister's mirror was right here for me to grab."

"Oh just look at my cuteness. I can't stop staring."

And her Mommy did think she was cute but adding a flower made it even better!