Tuesday, February 26, 2013

HK the teacher

Halle Kate came home from school and is spending the afternoon teaching Evelyn all about cars. Matney and I are playing princesses, we have no idea what the two younger girls are talking about!

Monday, February 25, 2013

A Sweet and Sassy Birthday

This is the month for lots of girls in HK’s class to have birthdays! We’ve gotten 4 party invites in the past few weeks and just went to a party at Sweet and Sassy for HK’s friend Charlie Grace. The girls got to dress up and have their hair and nails done. HK wouldn’t let them touch her hair but she left sporting a lovely shade of orange on her fingernails.





Except for the two big sisters in the back these girls are all just turning 4. Look at our sweet tiny peanut in the front! Jared and I both hope she enjoys it there because I think she is going to be like her parents and always be the short one in the front of pictures!




After all the dress up fun we had cake. HK is very serious about getting every speck of icing into her mouth while consuming as little cake as possible!



After the cake was present time. The birthday girl had been opening for a while when I realized HK was the only one still sitting in her seat like we’d asked. I am so amazed when it is my child following directions! All the other girls were running wild but HK never moved. Wish I thought it was my fabulous parenting skills and not her interest in presents!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ev’s First Bath

Sweet girl got her first bath when she turned two weeks old. Matney loved the bath, HK HATED HATED HATED every bath until she was about 18 months old so I wasn’t sure how this would go but Evelyn loved it! We put a space heater in the bathroom to make sure it was warm and just had night lights plugged. One thing we have for sure learned is that Ev does not like bright lights. Noise doesn’t seem to bother her but light makes her mad! Anyway, she seemed to be a very happy girl and I think would have stayed in much longer than it took to wash her.


I wrapped her in a hooded towel and she was determined to wiggle sideways and not have her face out.


All our girls have used the same bunny towel when they were itty bitty. I would love to find this same picture of all three of them and frame it or do a scrapbook page!  Love it!


Her cheeks are starting to fill out and she looks a lot like Matney did. I’d forgotten that Matney had brown hair when she was born and that it eventually turned strawberry blonde. Can’t wait to see what Ev’s does!

Valentines Day

We had a fun Valentine’s morning because we were all together this year! Yay for Daddy being home! The girls had lots of cards/packages to open from grandparents and TX aunties. Add some cinnamon rolls with icing to the mix and they were hyped up and ready for school. You’re welcome preschool teachers, they are all yours!


Matney started a theme of homemade cards this year and Jared worked very hard making his own cards for the girls. HK’s had a pop up Robot!


Matney was very proud to pass out her cards. She also took a pile to school because she made one for every student in her class (there are 18) and her 3 teachers. She worked hard on those for weeks!


I think next year I’ll try to convince everyone I’m a kid again. By the time it was over the girls had a stack with Target cards, books, stickers and cash. Wonder which one of them wants to take Mommy shopping?!?!?


Daddy’s card to Miss M had a tree with two lovebirds inside. Later that day I saw her take it upstairs and disappear for a while. When she came back she’d copied that card and made one just like it for her Daddy. It was a great way to make her parents cry!


Jared took all the cards and lined them up across the bookshelves and mantle. All of them sitting out about drove me crazy but Matney was so proud we left them up through the weekend.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Food thanks

We have gotten some yummy meals delivered to the house this month! Our favorite preschool teacher, Ms. Sherrie, sent this big cake along with her meal. Want to know how to excite two girls? A pizza dinner and cake from their favorite teacher. Thank you to everyone who has brought food! If I can ever remember to buy stamps our thank you cards are sitting in a pile on my desk ready to be mailed. At this rate it will be March before anyone sees them!



Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Proud Big Sister

Halle Kate is finally well enough to be around Ev and she is fabulous at her role as a big sister. The second that this baby makes a peep HK comes running to “check on her” and if she is crying then HK is singing Twinkle Twinkle at the top of her lungs trying to calm her down. There is not much sweeting than watching all our girls together.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Game on!


This was Jared a day or two after Ev came home. He has been determined to be totally hands on this last time having a baby in the house. I guess the sweat band made out of part of a baby hat provides extra strength!

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Seriously, if you have small kids… especially a baby, run to the store and buy a Nose Frida. I’ve linked to Amazon. If you’re not going to be a new parent any time soon but need a baby gift go buy a Nose Frida. All 5 of us are sick. Poor HK gets a cold and every time it develops into something more and she is snorting and snotting and coughing and, thanks to a fabulously sensitive gag reflex, barfing. Over the weekend we realized Ev was catching the crud and ran to buy the Nose Frida at Buy Buy Baby. We would not have made it through the night ok without it. Those bulb snot suckers you get at the hospital are nothing compared to this! Jared even tried it on HK and she just said it tickled. The link will describe it better but it goes on the end of their nose and has a tube contraption to your mouth. You suck and the snot comes out….and stays way away from your mouth as it is stopped by a filter halfway up.  Works miracles.
This is for sure going to be my main new go-to baby shower gift. It is keeping Ev from getting super sick for now and we are so thankful.
Jared will love me posting these. Ha! A dad has to do what a dad has to do for his girls!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dad in charge


Jared was in charge of keeping Ev awake so that she wouldn’t be up all night. How did he do???

Sunday, February 10, 2013


I just found a new app and am trying to post from my phone....