Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Robots & Princesses

Birthday Intro - We are apparently out of space again on the blog so I am going to have to get on the ball and have the previous years printed so that I can delete some things and not have to start paying a monthly fee. Anyway, until we get that figured out here are some pictures from the girls' bday party last weekend. We had a joint party in between their actual bdays (like last year) because they have the exact same friends and it is easier and cheaper to do it once! Next year we won't be able to make it work this way but this year the girls were still young enough to be ok with it.

Here are the girls on the way to their party. Don't you love those pigtails on HK? Her first choice for a party theme was a Big Bad Wolf party but that didn't work well so we switched to robots. A mom in her class made this shirt for her and then my brother made me a robot to match on the computer so that all the robot decorations matched her shirt. I wanted those pigtails so I told her they were "robot ears"...and she totally fell for it! ha! LOVE THEM with those orange ribbons!

Matney went with a princess theme, not that there was any question about what she would pick. I tried for a while to figure out how to make princesses and big bad wolves/robots work together but couldn't quite figure it out so we just had two separate themes. It is their birthday so they should be happy!

Here is a much more typical Halle Kate picture.
And Matney again, just being calm and patient.

The girls didn't want a cake and picked cupcakes and rice krispie treats. My bday cake every year is made of rice krispie treats so I thought that was an awesome idea!

Playing with friends. Matney picked out this dress and was certain it was the perfect bday dress. I thought the crown was a perfect addition.

All Halle Kate cared about was seeing her friend Jack at her party. Once he got there the two of them were together like glue. That is Jack on the swing behind her. He is her favorite friend and she cannot wait for the school year to be over so that he is home to play with.

Erin and Grayson. Y'all, he is the sweetest baby ever. Several of us mamas were fighting over holding him. You can always tell those of us without tiny kids at home anymore because we swarm any baby in our path.

I have lots more pictures but I can't upload anything else until I get the storage issue worked out. I'll leave you with this one of Matney. While she wanted everyone to sing to her she still has to have either her fist or hair in her mouth when she is nervous. If you know how to help us break this habit please let me know!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Preschool Egg Hunts

After our practice at the last egg hunt the girls knew exactly what to do at their preschool egg hunts.  
Matney's class made the cutest bunny baskets.

Climbing up a ladder in a long dress is hard!

Ta da! Still hunting eggs at the top of the playground.
Here comes Halle Kate's class. No worries, Halle Kate was able to use her robot basket.

Hmmm, where are those eggs? Do you think maybe if HK would let Mommy pull her hair up that she wouldn't always be tucking it behind her ears???

Beat those boys and get the eggs, HK!

Way to go HK! Another successful egg hunt!

Egg Hunt at church

We went to an Easter egg hunt at a local church. We have a great time at this one last year and this year was even better....they had a petting zoo! The girls were excited to be there and LOVED petting the animals!

We met the Easter Bunny. HK is always very excited about big costumes, Matney never likes them.

See the two boys above? They were headed to take the next picture with the Easter Bunny and their mom was ready with the camera. Want to guess who jumped in before them?

Yep, Halle Kate was all over that Easter Bunny.

Matney stood with her head down and hand in her mouth.

The other boys waited until Halle Kate had bonded with the bunny before they got their picture taken. I appreciate that their mom was nice about my not so polite child.

It took a few minutes to get HK to leave the bunny alone.

Matney found a pot bellied pig. I tried explaining to her that when I was little I had a pet pig, named Sadie, who looked just like this pig...and that Sadie slept with me in the bed at night. I loved that pig. Matney thought I was making it all up!

And she's off. HK's age group went hunting eggs first. Once she was let loose she never turned around to see where I was, she was only after eggs.

Matney and I tracked her down.

After HK's hunt Matney and her friend Collin got ready for their hunt.

Matney was excited but stuck much closer to mommy.

The pink bunny shaped eggs were a big hit!

Check out our loot, Mom!

Getting tired!

Headed back to the car while eating snow cones. These were some happy, full of sugar girls!

No worries, I was watching for car because they were obviously distracted.

Tea Party and Leprechauns

Jared had a guys morning planned for Saturday morning so the girls and I had a tea party at home. They loved using special plates, napkins and real coffee cups. It is impressive that we didn't break anything! We also made some yummy cinnamon rolls. We missed Daddy but had a fun girls morning at home.

When Jared came back we all went out to run some errands. When we got home *gasp* a leprechaun had been in our house. Wow! We tried to trap him with a leprechaun trip Matney made at school but we didn't catch him. The girls were excited that he used their potty and left them each a green dollar. It goes without saying that we spent the afternoon going to the candy store. That dollar was burning a lollipop size holes in their pockets!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Phone dump

 Here are some pics of the past few weeks from my phone.
The top is HK and Robot going to pick up Matney at school.

The girls LOVE LOVE LOVE Cici's Pizza, esp the breadsticks. This day HK wore her best outfit and sunglasses. She wouldn't take them off and kept walking into things because they have stickers all over the lenses and she couldn't see.

When Jared is home in the morning the girls just want to cuddle with Daddy.

Jared was home early one afternoon so we had dinner at CFA. Both girls had to sit by him. I was all alone on the other side of the booth just eating my salad in peace. It was great!

One day when J got home we had a picnic for dinner. The girls thought it was awesome to eat on the floor!