Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I think it will have to happen soon

Matney likes to wear a tutu all the time. She has added Abby Cadabby to her list of loves and Abby wears a tutu. We went to the park this morning and I made her take it off before we left. This afternoon it was still downstairs so I slipped it on HK just to get a glimpse of what it would look like on her...and oh, she is so pretty! I may just have to have to have a "for real" tutu photo shoot with her next time M is asleep. Pictures coming soon!!!

The Sweet Life

This is an image of the sweet life for a toddler in case you didn't know what it looks like. Who do you really think runs the show around here? Jared and me or this cute girl? My money is on the tiny one.

A tidbit of knowledge from M

I think I've mentioned before that Matney has learned that when Halle Kate is eating I am not paying as much attention to what she's doing as I usually am. Yesterday, my lack of attention will provide you with great knowledge...Did you know that if you eat blue crayons even your drool turns blue? I bet you didn't. So now you know. Thank Matney for that tidbit next time you see her.

All worth it!

I know many people thought we were crazy to get pregnant again so soon after Matney was born. And sometimes I wonder about it myself. Like yesterday when I had to take a walk to the mailbox and back (no worries, it is less than 30 seconds round trip) to not be so frustrated.

But then there are moments like this one from today...

Halle Kate was on a blanket rolling around and Matney came over and played with her. So, so sweet. I know that we're all tired and still adjusting to life with two tiny ones but it is ALL WORTH IT. Just look at these sisters!

Found them!

Ha! I found the pictures of the cheese puff mouth. Isn't she a mess?!?!?

The Hardys

Our friends, the Hardys, came over for lunch one day. We grilled and let the kids run around outside.
We thought maybe they were old enough to sit at Matney's little picnic table for lunch but quickly leaned that wasn't going to work. Matney is fine by herself but when the prospect of someone else's food appreared it was just too much for them. We quickly strapped them back into their seats!

Maybe she needs a helmet

Matney has decided that she really likes to wear a bowl on her head. Maybe after all her recent injuries she is thinking a helmet is a good idea!

If you take my hat off I'll scream!

Look who found her mouth!

Time is FLYING around here. Halle Kate is already chewing on toys. As I hold her I think about how tiny she is...and then Matney goes flying through the room at full volume and full speed and I realize just how quickly each day passes. Look at this big girl!

Honk Shew

Honk Shew, Honk Shew. That is how Matney pretends to be asleep. This particular day she got Mario to pretend with her!

Mario and Conny

After Jared graduated from college he was an exchange student in Germany for several months. The family he lived with had a son his age, Mario. Mario and his girlfriend Conny came in town and stayed with us this month.

To be honest, I was apprehensive about 2 people I didn't know, and I wasn't sure I would be able to talk to (I don't know one word in German!), coming to stay for so long. They got here in the afternoon on Aug 8th and I knew within 20 minutes that I would really like them. Mario and Conny were the kindest, most considerate guests...and they loved our girls. You want to know how to get to my heart? Love my girls. And our girls LOVED them. Matney woke up each morning saying "Conny, Conny"! So sweet.

The first week they were in town we hung out, took them for Mexican food and to Super Target, malls and shopping centers. They went to the Aquarium and other downtown spots. After the girls were in bed we would sit downstairs and talk. Their English was really good and we laughed a lot. One of the best things for me was to see Jared so relaxed and having such a good time. I know that the pressure of work is hard to "just shrug off" when he walks in the door at night, especially when he comes in to a frazzled wife (who, me?!?!) and (often) two screaming girls. The two guys told story after story about things they'd done together over the years and they were hilarious together. We don't see that side of relaxed and joking Jared too often.

Mario and Conny left for a trip to Savannah and Daytona during the second week they were here. I asked them where the nearest beaches were to where they live in Austria and they said 3 hours away on the Mediterranean Sea in Italy. Um, and you're excited about Daytona?!?! Apparently the idea of Florida beaches for them would be the idea of Mediterranean beaches to us. I bet they get the bad end of that deal!

Then they came back for a couple days and we all hung out, mostly shopping, until they left on the 22nd. All of us in this house were sad to see them go. I don't normally imagine an extended stay with people I have never met to be a great time but we all honestly had the best time and were sad to see them leave.

And if you ever wanted to loose weight, go hang out in Europe, at least where they live. Oh my. They were so amazed at how much American life focuses on food...both how much food we eat and how little we exercise. Seriously, if Jared and I ever go spend two weeks with them it will be like going to Fat Camp. For me, it was really interesting to realize. When we go on vacation most of our time and money is spent looking for and eating at the best places. They really weren't interested in our food but wanted to see (and walk) everywhere they could. For example, we took them to Chick Fil A and got them a chicken sandwich and they split a fry. That was noon. And for dinner? "Oh, we ate too big a lunch. We will have maybe a salad if anything." My thought, "How about I run to the store to buy that salad...and stop by McDonalds on the way. I haven't eaten since my chicken sandwich at noon and I'm starving!". I mean, they did miss out on some good American eats like the Waffle House but I guess they really didn't miss anything except some clogged arteries. That doesn't really have anything to do with their visit, I just found it interesting. Anyway, on to pictures!

Mario and Conny

Learning to hold a baby

Goof balls

Jared pretending to be the Big Boss Man

With our girls just before they left

Group Shot

Since the Texas crew was here, for almost month, we had more nights with people spending the night than we had with just the four of us. It is nice be able to get back on more of a schedule but we are a little lonely!