Friday, June 29, 2012

Up and running!

Wow! I don't even know where to start! I can't believe it has been about 2 months since I blogged. The blog is printed and I have deleted the oldest posts to make room for new. Other than that I am such a slacker...and I will be an exhausted slacker trying to catch up on every thing I missed. We have been busy! For now here are a few pics from May. I can't find my camera so any pics from June aren't on the computer yet. Keep checking back because I am going to get this updated in the next week or two!
We finished school! The girls had end of the year parties at the same time and I didn't want either girl to feel left out so I had HK come to M's party for a while and then we all went to join HK's class outside. It was the best of both worlds - pizza and cheetos in M's class, cupcakes and bubbles with HK's!

HK turned 3! Where is the time going?!?!? We made a really cool robot cake!

For her bday HK wanted to go feed the ducks at a nearby pond. These ducks/geese can eat 2 loaves of bread and still be nipping at your feet for more food.

After the ducks HK wanted to ride the train at the mall.

Poor, sweet girl was sick with a stomach bug on her bday. She had just thrown up in the car when I took this teary eyed picture.

Then I let her open a package of lots-o-bots from her TX aunties and all was right in her world again. For all the robot things we have around the house it is a shame none of them can map the floor or cook dinner!

As a joint bday gift the girls got a crazy water slide/bounce house for the backyard. Our friends love us.
We went to a playplace with an old firetruck. The girls had a great time pretending to drive.

I am going to get pics off my phone today and try to get some of those uploaded for june. I have lots of individual posts come so stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Favorite Beach Picture

This is my favorite beach picture…HK building a sand castle with a Buzz Lightyear smiling through on her hiney!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Amelia Island aka longest picture post ever!

We spent a week on Amelia Island in June. Jared’s office has a townhome in Amelia Island Plantation and all the attorneys are allowed to use it for free. Fabulous! MoMo went with us and all of these pictures are from her camera. I didn’t take one photo while we were there. Sick on vacation is no fun!
This is the view from our back porch. Beautiful!
The first day we went to the beach it was cloudy and windy but great weather for those of us Healds with pale skin and red hair!
I love the above picture of Matney with all that hair!

We met this turtle on the beach. He was a lot bigger in person that he looks in this picture. I thought the girls would be fascinated by him but they really didn’t seem to care.
There were three kids people ready to dig in the sand!
LOVE these sisters!
The next morning we took our chairs and were ready to spend a lot of time in the water.
Too bad Halle Kate wasn’t loving the beach. See the pic below? She’s pinching Matney. Nice, isn’t she? It wasn’t long before she ended up back in the house while Matney stayed at the beach.

Building sand castles.
Matney and Daddy ended up with lots of father daughter time during the week. Halle Kate did not like the beach, she said it was too loud and stayed in the house each morning while Matney went to play.
See all the shells? You for sure needed to wear your shoes!
No sand castle is complete without a princess.
They met a guy fishing on the beach and he let Matney see what he caught. And every time you think that you’re just wading in the ocean and all the “critters” aren’t swimming around your feet be reminded of these pictures. Here’s the shark and sting ray he caught just standing on the beach with a normal fishing pole. These have been added to my “reasons I’d prefer to stay in the room with HK!” list.
One day in town HK found a big blue shrimp buddy to take a picture with!

Just for our memory down the road – A week at the beach is a long time for a 3 and 4 year old to be away from home! Matney loved it more and more each day. She had a great time in the water and building castles. Halle Kate really didn’t like beach, she said it was too loud and she didn’t want to be in the water. Amelia Island shuts down at 5pm. Remember that next year when we are looking for places to eat dinner. I was so very sick (cough/fever/etc) when we left on this trip and 5 weeks pregnant so I couldn’t take any medicine. By the time we left to come home I was feeling better head wise but Jared had what I’d had and I was now throwing up pregnant sick. It was not my best vacation and I was soooo thankful to be home. We even left a day early. Amelia Island is beautiful and we are so thankful for a free week at the beach. Hopefully next year no one will be sick, Halle Kate will enjoy it more, I FOR SURE won’t be pregnant and Evelyn will be a good traveler!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Brave and HK’s first movie

Matney had been counting down the days until the new Disney princess movie came out. She saved birthday money to buy Merida, the new princess from Brave. We invited her best friend Mackenzie to join us and decided to take Halle Kate. We got a GIANT popcorn with free refills and grabbed our seats. All three girls were super excited.
As we walked into the theater HK started screaming about “the hands” and we had no idea what she was talking about. There were a few scary scenes in the movie and by 3/4 of the way through HK had had all she could take so I took next door to Coldstone. On the way out the door there was a poster (a life size 3d thing) for a future movie and at HK height there were skeleton hands coming out of the ground. Ha! Poor baby girl was traumatized by those hands. I am typing this is November and can still say that every time the commercial for the “hands” movie came on the tv this fall she remembered and was scared. And when we were just at Disney and she saw the hairy tarantula she was screaming “the hands, the hands!”  Even trick or treating Jared and I were very careful to avoid any skeleton hands. So funny!

Matney and MacKenzie had a great time at the movie and then were excited to come meet us for ice cream. There are some unexpected reasons that little sisters are awesome! Someday we may get HK back to the theater but I’ll send Jared ahead to check out all movie posters.