Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sweet and Sassy 2011

Almost a year exactly from last year's trip to Sweet and Sassy I took Matney for another haircut. This year she was so excited to go and had a countdown going for days. HKwas not so sure about the whole thing. When asked if she was getting a haircut too she said "you no touch my hair!" ha!

Happy Sweet Princess!

HK and Robot - happy to be there but not interested in a haircut!

At the end of the haircut you get a braid, a glitter handstamp, glitter in your hair and a spray of "cotton candy" or "cupcake" body spray. Matney has been sporting a braid every day since then. HK wasn't sure about anything but once the glitter was on Matney's hand HK was chasing the lady to the glitter bowl.

And after a braid, lots of glitter and yummy smells you also get a lollipop! I may start getting my haircut at Sweet and Sassy from now on!

Above - The girls Aug 2011
Below - The girls Aug 2010

Matney and her purse waiting to go inside.

HK and Mommy watching Matney
Matney thinks all the glitter this year is much better than squirting the water bottle last year!
Matney doesn't seem to have changed that much looks wise but what a difference a year has made for HK!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Barnyard Bash

A few weeks ago the girls got an invitation to one of their besties birthday parties. They were so super-super (or soupy doupy as HK says) excited when they found out they were going to get cake and there would be a petting zoo! Talk about a fun afternoon...unless you have to wait on cake. These girls were trying to be patient!

Yummy cake! And yes, I tried to clean up our mess!

The animals are here!!!!

See the kids lined up listening to instructions? Notice anyone else familiar?

See that big excited kid in the middle? Looks like Jared to me!

There were lots of excited kids...and lots of animals trying to escape. Poor little critters. We all hope they got fed some animal anti anxiety meds when they got home!

Everyone need a family picture with a goat!

Apparently the goat didn't want to be a part of the family!

Happy Birthday, Blaire! Thanks for inviting us to your special day!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


One of our favorite places to go right now is a bounce place called Kangazoom. The girls LOVE it so when had a great deal for 10 visits I grabbed two deals and off we went.
Look at my brave little monkeys!


Sometimes we go and snack with friends!

I adore these girls!

I LOVE this picture. It is HK jumping...this is what she looks like most of the time, just a flash or hint of movement as she flies by us!

Happy girls that were apparently getting tired. They eventually went over to a bench with pillows, made themselves bed and rested. Ha! Wish they'd do that at home!

Not so good teaching

I unexpectedly had to take the girls with me to the dentist. As we got near his office they were both screaming about being hungry and I realized I forgot snacks (big parenting fail! Kids can always be distracted by snacks!). My choices were A - get both girls out of the car in 100 degree weather and rush into a gas station and hope for a banana but probably leave with chips or chocolate and then get both girls back in the car while they scream that it is hot. Or B - drive through Zaxby's while running the air conditioning and buy 3 hot gooey chocolate chip cookies for $1. Can you guess which option I picked? Such a good teaching in the dentist office!

Babydoll Bliss

 The girls were playing baby dolls in the playroom last week when I told them we'd do snacks and a TV show before naptime. I wasn't paying any attention to them running back and forth, they were giggling so I knew they were ok. When I finished making snacks this is where I found them...all of them! Ha! All the babies needed snacks and TV time too. Silly girls!

More Weekend Fun

We're up and running in this house! Jared is really liking his new job, I am feeling much better (no migraine in a month and some extra energy!) and we are working on some projects while getting ready to go back to school. I've wanted to change some things around the house for a while and finally just pulled the curtains off the wall and headed to Home Depot. One specific thing I wanted was some kind of cabinet/storage over the desk in the kitchen. We looked into cabinets a while ago but they were crazy expensive so Jared built shelves to hang over the desk. They even have under cabinet lighting!  

While Jared built and I painted the girls played with paints. I thought having brushes would keep them from getting messy.

I was clearly very, very wrong!

Dear Matney, do not scratch your head while you have paint on your hands!

They had the best time! Luckily the paints were washable and HK's ToMater shirt is clean again. My shelves are BEAUTIFUL and I LOVE THEM!