Wednesday, May 29, 2013

All further 2013 posts...

I think that all further 2013 blog posts will be titled "catch up" because that is life these days!
I am trying to post mutiple pictures from my phone, not sure how this will work. Ev seems to think it is ok to boycott naps the past few days. I made the mistake of walking into her room without turning on the light and , even though she is only 3 months old, Sister knows that no lights equal naptime and she starts screaming 1' inside the door. So now we are hanging out on the floor. She is talking to Cinderella and Ariel and the big girls are playing Lalaloopsy guys vs knights in the castle.  Except I just heard Pirate Guy being sent to day care on the bus. For the moment they are getting along so they can play whatever they want!

We spent the entire weekend outside. It was beautiful and when Ev got fussy she hung out with her most favorite thing in the house, the Chuck E Cheese balloon from hk's bday. Ev will talk  to that ballon for 10 minutes or more. As soon as it deflates you can be sure I will be getting another big character balloon.  Chuck E has proven himself to be an excellent babysitter!

Jared and I had our 8 year anniversary this week. Those first few years were NOT easy but I am so thankful we both stuck it out! Friday night the girls had a sitter and we went out with other adults. It was lovely!

We are getting into the hang of summer. The girls gave me lists of what they want to do and I made a calender.  I do better with a plan, and a laminated list with a spredsheet and Sharpies! Today we are about to leave for story time at the library.  I am now pacing the foyer, holding a baby who finally crashed. She will be really mad when she has to get in her carseat in a few minutes. This is life trying to juggle giving her time at home to nap and not making the big girls stay home everyday. I planned this morning better, she just didn't cooperate. Pretty sure that is the job of a baby!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Summer vacation...2 days down

This was our first real day of summer vacation because we were gone much of the day yesterday. I am more than willing to admit that tonight I (pretty much still in my jammies) tossed my dinner plans aside and declared "forget it. I am drinking my dinner calories!" Wine over chicken tonight was totally a winning plan. Although I still don't think that will be enough to redeem the day. After today's trip to the grocery store I am positive that I will be shopping after bedtime for the remainder of summer. I also am trying to find a traveling circus that will hire me. It would have to be calmer than this place!!! 2 days down, only 80ish to go!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Home run

MoMo was a genius and got HK a tee ball set for her birthday. HK and Daddy went and got a glove Sunday morning and that sweet girl played a lot of ball by herself today. Every time I looked outside she was hitting a home run!

Sunday, May 19, 2013


We had halle kate's birthday party today. More details to follow on that as soon as i have recovered...probably next month. Chuck e cheese? Never again! The girls have declared it the best birthday party ever. But any day is good when you are licking icing before 8am, right???

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Three big girls

I am going to try to post more consistently, which means I am going to be doing lots of short but sweet posts from my phone. We borrowed a high chair from a friend (our original one we'd already gotten rid of) and Ev joined us at the table for the first time yesterday.  I don't think she knew what to think about the wildness around her! 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Field Day

I didn’t get many pictures but Matney had field day last week. It was raining so everything was moved inside. The kids had such a great time, they didn’t care about being inside. Tug of war with the tiny kids was my favorite!


Matney’s class with Lily the Lion, the preschool mascot.


The snow cone truck came to the end of field day so I pulled HK out of class early and let her join us. It was freezing outside but the girls were determined to finish every last bite.


These girls are going to miss being in school together next year.

First time in the exasaucer

Ev wasn’t sure what to do at first but after a few minutes she was all smiles in the exasaucer! I see far less back problems in my future – I am about to be able to put this baby down!


Mother’s Day at Preschool

I had lots of fun this week spending time with my girls at school for Mother’s Day. I am so thankful for our preschool!


Zu Zu man

The girls have been screaming that they can’t sleep because there is a “zu zu guy” in their room. I told them I didn’t even know what that is so they drew Mr. Zu Zu man. Ha! I wouldn’t sleep if this guy was in my room either!


This baby doesn’t miss a meal

We prayed we wouldn’t have to fight this baby to eat. Every bottle with HK was a battle. No worries, Ev looooves her food! Cute baby! I don’t have one on this computer but if you have a baby pic of Matney at 2-3 months compare it to these. They are almost identical. Same hair, same body, same face. Such cuties!


I am in love with this baby girl!


These girls are a disaster! They also can quickly make any room in this house a disaster in just a few minutes. I think these were swimming pools. Not sure. See the top picture of HK on her bed? They heard me coming up the stairs and she went flying. Sorry, kiddo. I can still see you even if you hide at the top of your bed! NOW CLEAN UP!

She is growing!


Remember this tiny baby?



She has grown so very much in 3 months!

Phone Dump

I am so aware I am WAAAAAY behind on this blog! There are so many things I want to do and way too few hours in the day. I take lots of pictures on my phone so here is a quick catch up on random things we’ve done this past month!


Sweet, sleeping baby! This is actually a rare picture because Evelyn does not like to cuddle. She loves you to be near her, making faces and talking, but she wants you to interact with her while giving her some personal space.


Can’t remember if I did a separate post on this or not but the girls got haircuts over spring break. Super cute. Halle Kate really wanted a “rooster do like Jack” aka, a mohawk. She ended up with the a cute shoulder length bob just like Matney.


The girls have gone on lots of errands with mommy…briibed the entire time with lollipops.


Baby is here – time to workout again. If you’ve ever wanted to know, I work well for stickers. I schedule my exercise for the month and get a sticker when I do it as scheduled. Super great motivation for me. I’m so easy! Wonder if the girls will clean up for stickers?



Happy mornings! I try to make sure that I am up, worked out and ready before the girls but some days to get that star I have to keep the girls distracted. This morning? They worked for breakfast. I had them stringing Fruit Loops onto yarn for a necklace they could eat. It was a win win! I finished working out and they stayed full and occupied. And yes, the large amount of sugar before 7am backfired before 8am!


The girls are teaching Evelyn everything they know. She loves every minute of being around her big sisters. I am sure she will be up to no good just like them pretty soon.


If the girls are  watching tv they think Ev needs to be nearby. So sweet.


For my friends with kids – random question? Would it ever be appropriate for a parent to wear these to avoid hearing loss when a baby is screaming????


Don’t wake a sleeping Dragon!



We host all the baby doll conventions on the stairs.


Shew! Sometimes, when you pitch the world’s most giant fit you finally just fall asleep. And Matney and Mommy said “thank the lord!” and tiptoed away hoping she’d sleep until Daddy got home.



When it isn’t raining the weather is beautiful. I’ve skipped lots of chores to play with the girls outside. All worth it!


More than a year later I still LOVE my fitbit! 20K steps and 76 flights of stairs on this day.  I was one worn out mama! A few days later I topped it with 22K. If I ever lose my fitbit I will feel like I’ve lost a leg!


The girls take turns reading to Ev. Pretty sure she likes them more than me. I am ok with that. They are going to be great free babysitters when they are older.


Dance parties with girlfriends are lots of fun!


Matney and her “American Girl” dolls. Wonder how long it will be until she realizes her are Target knockoffs?!?!?!


Because 3 girls isn’t enough, we brought 2 more girls home from school to play!


I think this is baby doll school.


Evelyn is a great sleeper at night but not so good at naps. I tried the hammock Matney loved. Ev didn’t love it but lots of princesses thought it was fabulous.




More reading fun.



Halle Kate’s favorite place? The bathtub with all her “guys”.


Saturday mornings with Daddy are fun. I think this is the morning Jared told me he’d let me sleep in. At 7:30am I woke up to him in my face saying “how much longer are you going to sleep?”. Granted, in this house 7:30 is sleeping late but I could have slept all day!



After living here almost 6 years we are starting to hang out with all our neighbors. This is HK’s best friend, Mr. Mike next door. We have lots of little kids and big kids on our street! Jared was still at work when I took this picture but he is itching to get on that giant skateboard!


Remember when I said I was skipping chores to play with the girls? A few loads of laundry equal A LOT of socks. I HATE HATE HATE sorting socks!


Playing in the “castle”. The girls had so much fun but got very mad anytime I came out to check on them. I had the windows open in the kitchen so I could hear and see them but they thought they were big stuff in the backyard all alone.


A trip to the pet store and Matney was brave enough to hold a snake. HK hid behind my legs and was not impressed. I was shocked Matney touched it!


Poor Ev. She is going to have to learn to like to cuddle.


A bouncy seat and two sisters buys me enough time to run to the bathroom alone. Fabulous!


We have a rabbit family (mommy, daddy, 2 babies) living under the deck. They come out every night and jump all around the backyard. The girls made us get radishes to feed them. For future reference our rabbits don’t like radishes.


We’ve been up to lots more and I’ll do more individual posts on those soon. One thing we have learned about parenting – you make choices every single minute to choose one thing over another. Some days we play and skip our chores, some days I workout and the girls eat fruit loops for breakfast, some days we spend all morning in our jammies reading books and not grocery shopping. It’s all ok, grilled cheese is a great dinner!  Some weeks the house is clean and the blog is caught up but that probably means the tv was on more than usual. I am going to keep up with this blog but for the next few months that may mean more catch up posts like this.