Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What's missing?

Life has been crazy here at the Heald house and I have a picture to prove it!

We moved playgroup to the mall one day so that the kiddos could run around and do something new. I got up at 5:30am to feed the baby and thought "I need to be a responsible parent and stay up to get things ready.". Instead of going back to bed I showered, packed bags and lunches, got clothes ready, fed the girls breakfast loaded the car and by 9am we were ready to roll. At the last minute I remembered that I wanted socks for Matney (they don't wear shoes in the play area) and ran back inside and upstairs to grab them.

Fast forward...we got to the mall right on time at 10am. I hopped out of the car and realized something wasn't quite right. I looked down and this is what I saw....

What's missing??? Um, shoes maybe??? No kidding. I made it all the way to the mall without noticing that I wasn't wearing any shoes. My kids were fed and looking cute but I had no shoes. And the mall is 30 minutes from our house. And I'd spent 3 HOURS getting everything ready and...(I wish I knew how to write this small)... my mom was in town and helping me with EVERYTHING so I wasn't even getting ready by myself. Right now I am hanging my head in shame. That day? I was LAUGHING LIKE CRAZY! I mean, what else could I do?

If you wonder about the end of the story I sure enough did get the girls out of the car, loaded them into the giant double stroller and marched myself across the parking lot, through Macy's to the shoe department and bought some new shoes. And yes, the woman did think I was odd asking her to please not put them in a bag and for scissors to cut the tags off...all the while mom had strollered the girls somewhere not so embarrassing. And,thankyouverymch, we had a good time at the play area (when we eventually got there)!

When we got home were my shoes right at the door where I'd kicked them off to run up and grab M's socks? NOPE! They were in my closet upstairs because I'd never even put them on at all.

So, more pictures and blogging to come soon. Just as soon as I can conquer the necessities!

blowing kisses+pizza hands =

I bet you've never thought about what blowing kisses with pizza hands looks like...but now you know!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kiss Monster

Look at this silly girl! She is all about kisses and we constantly find her "making out" with her favorite things. Pictures in books, her toys, anything she really likes gets Matney drool.

What in the world is Matney doing?

Can you guess what this is?

A KITTY! Certainly an inch tall kitty behind plastic is worthy of such drooling.

Unhappy Birthday to Halle Kate!

See the hand? Matney is never far away!

Normally its Happy Birthday but Halle Kate said that she did not have a good day yesterday! I took her to the dr and she had one oral vaccine and 4 shots. That is just mean to do to anyone. Poor baby! She was pitiful and slept (or screamed) until this morning. Matney is also getting another tooth and was up and down every 2 hours last night. Fun times at the Heald house!

Halle Kate weighs 9lbs 5 oz (10-25%), is 22" tall (25-50%) and is doing great. The only comment the dr made was about her weight because she only gained about a pound in a month. And I have to admit that I laughed to myself. First we have Matney, the cutest chunky monkey in the world, and now we have a peanut! She is ahead on everything else...talking, smiling, holding her head she (the dr) wasn't concerned and they'll check her again at 4 months.

Right now she eats 3-4oz every 3 hours during the day. She goes to bed around 7pm, sleeps until 12am, eats for an hour, sleeps until 4am, eats for an hour and gets back up around 8am. That wouldn't be bad if Matney didn't think the first sunlight rays at 6am were her cue to get up. Jared told me the other day that I can't complain because HK is a much much much better sleeper already than Matney ever has been. And he's right!

Halle Kate is getting a little better at laying on her mat or her swing. She will at least tolerate a couple minutes alone before she screams. She loves to be outside but hates being in the car, the carseat or stroller. She also is becoming quite the talker. Just after she's had a bottle she will smile and talk for a good while if you talk to her.

We call her our drama queen already. Oh my, she has a scream this is louder than anything I have ever heard. My ears ring and my head pounds for hours after she lets that one out. Thank goodness we don't hear it often...but when we do...

I cannot believe she is already 2 months old...sniff, sniff! As sweet as she is now it is neat to watch her "grow up" and change every day. These next couple months will be so much fun as her personality shows more and more.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Just Chillin'

What's a girl to do when she is stuck wearing a sling?

Grab a puppy and relax on the Elmo chair. She doesn't seem to care about that sling at all.

ha! Before we left for the dr this morning, and Matney still had to wear the sling, I had the TV on trying to keep her still. She put this arangement together all by herself. Puppy dog pillow, hand behind her head...just chillin' out!

Sister Loving

I don't even think this needs any words. Matney is holding her sister's hand (and letting her sit on the Elmo chair). Oh how we hope they will be best friends!

Nothing Cuter

What is cuter than a smiling naked baby? NOTHING!!!

The Dr was WRONG

When Matney was 12 and 15 months old I asked the dr about her weight (aka chunky monkey status) because I was concerned she'd be in a 5T by the end of the year! He assured me that when kids hit 15 months they stop eating, are really active, grow taller and slim down. He was wrong. Matney LOVES her food and I am really trying harder to offer her plenty to eat but work on making healthy versions of what she likes.
This week I cleaned out the pantry so stuff was everywhere, including Matney accessable level. She thought it was great! Here she is bringing me a bag of veggie straws that she got her hands on. I think her idea of a great day would be relaxing in her Elmo chair, watching Mr. Mo and his ducks with all sorts of snacks. Of course, that sounds great to me too (with a movie and not Elmo) but I don't think either of us needs to start that habit!

Daddy Daughter Tunnel Love

You know, some days are easy and some days I have my hands full. Thankfully when Jared comes home at night he provides all sorts of entertainment and love for the girls. This was Daddy/daughter time last week. Very sweet but very silly!


What is Matney doing???

Poor Matney! Before Halle Kate arrived Matney and I normally left the house every day. One day was playgroup, one day church, one day grocery shopping, etc. We both get tired of being at home and planned our afternoons out and about just for a change of scenery. That isn't as easy with a little baby so we've spent many days at home this summer.
One morning this week I asked Matney if she wanted to get in the car and go. I didn't know that she understood me until my Mom started laughing and told me to grab the camera. You think she was ready to go? She found Car Mo (named because he is the Elmo who lives in the car since Dog isn't allowed out of the house) and was laying on the ground in front of the garage door. Ha! Poor thing. I will have to practice getting these two out so that Matney doesn't have to be so pitiful!

So sweet!

What or who is under there? Puppies and kitties and babies?!?!? Oh my!

I always tell Matney she is "so sweet" and today she started saying it while she was sharing. How cute! She is so sweet. Look at how she shares her most prized posessions with her little sister. Every time Halle Kate is on her play mat Matney will bring all of her favorite things and put them around Halle. Just look. Puppy dog, Dog, Car Mo, singing Elmo book, purple kitty, Ba(sheep), and even that not the best big sister? So sweet!!!

Tunnel Time

When I was little my Grandmama had a tunnel like this (except it was yellow vinyl-like material and we tore it up!) that all 10 of us wild and crazy cousins loved to drag around her house. Mom found this for Matney a couple months ago and when Miss M had enough courage to go through the tunnels in the mall play area we thought it was time to bring it out. It took her a while to warm up to it but once I threw her puppy dog in she was willing to go in to get him back. Once she was in she LOVED it! We've read books in tunnel, put all toys in the tunnel, made the tunnel dance...she's having a blast!

Good As New

I am excited to report that Matney is all better! We went to the dr. this morning and they thought it was Nursemaid's Elbow. That was the original guess last night at CHOA but the "fix" didn't work so they looked for another diagnosis. The dr. this morning wanted to try again and sure enough one good arm twist and she was good as new! Thank goodness. As a mama my mind was running through horrible scenarios last night...something neurological, a brain tumor that is already big enough to be effecting her arm, I am thrilled this was such a common, easy to fix, minimally painful accident.
And what did we learn from this? No more playing like wild monkeys and swinging from our arms in this house. All little girls need their feet on the ground!!!


Matney's new addition.

I have a feeling it is going to be one thing after another as Matney grows. Last night when she was getting a bath my mom noticed that she wasn't moving her right arm. Long story short we ended up at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta last night and came home with a sling and splint. At first the Dr told us her elbow was broken but he called us while we were driving home and said the radiologist at Emory had reviewed the Xray and said it wasn't broken. She slept in the splint last night. I took it off this morning and she still is not using that arm. So, it is back on and we are headed to the dr this morning. Who knows! We'll update again this afternoon.

Getting Big!

I am thinking we may end up with a thumb sucker. Halle Kate loves her hand and is not a big fan of the paci. I wonder if she'll take to sucking her thumb once she can find it.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Matney FLIPS out...but why?

I was out of the room getting the car packed to head out one morning when I heard Matney having a fit in the living room. I came in to find her pointing and squealing...but at what???

OH MY! I had turned on Sesame Street to keep her distracted while I loaded the car. And do you know who was on the big TV singing away?

ELMO AND HIS DUCKS!!! Yep, the one and only Elmo and his 4 ducks!!! Can you believe it? Until now we'd only had the pleasure of watching Mr. Mo and his quackers on the computer but now...oh what a happy day for Miss M!

And if you have no idea what I'm talking about please refer back to this post. I promise it will make you smile.