Friday, March 28, 2014

Ev Through the Year

So everyone knows that we struggled to post pictures to the blog last year.  A third precious girl is to blame.  But, here is proof that while we might not have gotten around to posting pictures, plenty were taken.  The following collection of photos were all sent to me while I was working.  These are only some of the photos I got - most photos have screaming/crying kiddos and a worn-out Momma in them.  But, no matter what the photos shows, nothing brightens my day like getting an email with a picture of my girls.

See Baby Girl in July on 2013

Special mesh feeder we gave Ev when she started on real food.  She wouldn't use it for me, but did great for Stacey.

Avocado was favorite food at the end of last Summer.

Ev was more than a little disappointed with me for putting gates up at the new house on day 2.

Ev learned very quickly how to stand (and bounce) in her crib.  She also learned to gnaw on the railing.

Older photo from the old house, big girls reading to Sissy in the loft, with Robot and Dog of course!

I remember when Ev used to sleep, and here is proof (even if upside down).

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